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A couple weeks ago, DeluxHair was the lucky winner of Melanation’s Instagram Giveaway! We were granted the opportunity to try out some lovely products from a group of talented and motivated female business owners around the globe, along with makeup and blogging materials that could benefit us all in the upcoming year of 2018. Check out what all came in my giveaway basket and my experiences so far and upcoming plans for each product included!


Photography Provided By @K_DougDE.
  • Lit Brooklyn Candle
  • Black Opal Color Splurge Risque Matte Lipstick
  • Pear Nova Lemon Yellow Nail Polish
  • Cat Coquillette ‘Eat Well, Travel Often’ Carry All Pouch
  • ElegenceBYMicheleCo ‘Slay’ Mug

Juvia’s Place Eyeshadow Palette

Photography Provided By Leopard Print Everything.

Lit Brooklyn Candle

Loved my new candle addition! Not only did it fit in perfectly with my room decorations but it was great for my weekly self-care routine. Check out Lit Brooklyn’s feature in #ThisBudsForYou Budweiser commercial feature below!

‘Eat Well, Travel Often’ Pouch by Cat Coquillette

Eat Well Travel Often on Gold Carry-All PouchPhotography Provided By Society6.

Black Opal Lipstick

Very nice lipstick! Color Splurge Risqué Matte Lipstick is the one I received. I didn’t have a problem with it drying out throughout the day, which I normally do with any other matte lipstick. Even though it is a “matte” it still has a shine to it as well. Check out how it looks in the photo shown below!


Photography Provided By @K_DougDE

ElegenceBYMicheleCo Mug

Photography Provided By Michele Sovinsky.

MyTaughtYou Journal

This Is My Year Journal from Myleik Teele of MyTaughtYou is one of my favorites. I haven’t even really opened this one and looked through it yet because I want to save it specifically for the very beginning of 2018 for one of my journal exercises. I love the design of it…a lot. This is a hardback journal as well which makes it better protected overtime. Check it out below!

This Is My Year Journal
Photography Provided by MyTaughtYou.

PearNova Nail Polish


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