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Hello, everyone! Welcome back to DeluxHair! KD (@K_DougDE) back again with another natural hair care post. For today’s topic selection, I referred to our comment sections under our posts on instagram, and just listened to everyone’s requests. There were so many, I ended up creating a list of everyone’s requests and questions so I could touch basis on as much as I could. To start things off, our first topic of our list was on creating natural hairstyle tutorials, specifically on one of my favorite go to hairstyles that was done at the beginning of this month that I call the Mini Twist Out Pin Up.

Image provided by @K_DougDE

This is a really easy style to do, especially in the summer time as a protective style to start things off. Very low daily maintenance if any at all. Great for length retention.

Items Used:

Step #1: I washed my hair with Flawless Hair Shampoo with my Diane No Knot Detangler Shampoo Brush. I made sure I only applied the shampoo to my scalp and began to use my shampoo brush in a circular motion to clean my scalp. The reason I have decided to use the shampoo brush that I found in Ulta, is because my hair becomes very dry regularly and begins to peal due to product buildup over time. I’m hoping that the brush will promote a better blood flow and circulation for my scalp the more I use it and along with daily scalp massages to fight the dryness. If you are having this problem as well and would like to try out this method, you can check out purchasing information for the Diane No Knot Detangler Brush by clicking the name under the “items used” listed above. A picture of the brush is shown below, they come in the full size like I had or the simple hand held one that is portable for traveling adventures while natural.

img_1616Image provided by @K_DougDE

Step #2:  After shampooing and repeating step 1 for a second wash, along with a good rinse, I deep conditioned my hair with Flawless Hair Repair Masque. I applied the masque from my roots to my ends, put one of my two plastic shower caps over my hair and left it on for about 10-15 minutes. Before I rinsed my hair again, I took off the plastic cap and detangled my hair with my wide tooth comb from root to ends all over my head.
Step #3: Once my hair was rinsed nicely, I patted my hair dry a little with my towel, just enough to where water would not be dripping everywhere. Then I applied my Cantu Leave In Conditioner to my hair from root to ends.
Step #4: Next I combed and detangled my hair with the leave in repair treatment. I ended up dividing my hair into four different sections with one part going from the front of my head to the back, and another part going from ear to ear across the top and pinned them in place with my hair clips.
Step #5: This is where the actual styling begins. What I done was created mini twists for each of the four sections of hair. For each mini section, I greased my scalp with either ORS Carrot Oil or ORS Tea Tree Oil, then applied my gel choice either my Eco-Styler Gel or my Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Gello from the list shown above. For the front of my hair, I use flat twists instead so they’ll be some sort of style in the front. Sometimes my twists are mini and sometimes I opt for a more medium size twist as shown in the photo below. Check out these YouTube tutorials from Samirah Gilli for creating flat twists if you need more information and a step by step video guide.

img_1638Image provided by @K_DougDE

For the ends of my twists I normally do two things, either use rollers like perm rods or flexi rods to curl them, or I will just leave them as they are so they will be straight down to dry overnight for the next day.

Step #6: Most of the time I will leave my twists in for about two days or so as one style, either pinned up with bobby pins or just left down freely. Sometimes I also add on accessories to them like hair jewelry and shells.
Step #7: After 2 days or so have passed like mentioned in step 6, I begin to pull my twists apart. Please be very gentle when doing this step or your twists will come out very frizzy. Most of my twists will naturally come apart on their own during this step. For this step as well, your style’s name will change from mini twists, to either a mini twist out just a two strand twist out depending on how big or small your twists are. An example of this look is shown below before any direct styling was done.

Image provided by @K_DougDE

Step #8: My last step for mini twists is optional. This is where you will style your twist out either has an up-do, or you can pin the front or sides back or up, totally up to you. For this tutorial, I went with an up-do by using my bobby pins. Check out how it came out below in the photos shown!

If you have tried this style before, leave your thoughts and results below in our comment section.

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