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Mini Twists pinterestHey everyone! We are back again for another natural hair tutorial.
This one is called Mini Twists. These are your small individual twists. Some do them with their own natural hair, no weave included, and some include weave with them. It is all up to you. For this post and style, weave is not used. This is one of my daily styles and one I prefer to stick with the most because it is low maintenance. I wear it year round, but I began wearing this style during the summer of 2017 more than any other time. You may remember me mentioning it in the Mini Twist Out Up-Do before in which it is similar to that one but it’s not pinned up or styled in any way. Something you can wear as is for errands, workouts, work or school. This one is great for length retention and for your trimming process as well.


Items Used:

Step 1

The first thing I did was washed my hair with the Creme of Nature Moisture and Shine Shampoo two (2) times. Rinsed the shampoo completely from my hair with warm water.

Step 2

Second thing I done was applied the Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment from roots to ends. I do not detangle as soon as I apply my deep conditioner. I like to allow it to do its own thing first, so I apply my plastic cap for about 10 minutes.

Step 3

Next step is to plug in your hair steamer. The one I am using is from Q-Redew, I mentioned it in our Creme of Nature Product Review post before. Mine takes some time to heat up so I always use that 10 minute window to plug it in and get my Wide Tooth CombDiane No-Knot Detangler Shampoo Brush, Hair Clipsand towels together.

Step 4

After at least 10 minutes have passed, I remove the plastic cap and part my hair into four sections using my hair clips. Again I don’t detangle yet, just sectioning. Once the sections are good, I use img_1727my spray bottle filled with water and spray all of my hair. You don’t want your hair to dry out during your deep conditioning process. Or at least I personally don’t prefer for it to be dry during this process.

Step 5

If you have a tabletop hair steamer then you would sit under the steamer for at least 10-15 minutes and then use your combs and brushes to detangle. With me having a hand held hair steamer, I have to work in sections. I always work from back to front during deep conditions. Un-clip one section and pull a start amount out. You can check out the size I go with below. Then I use my hair steamer from root to ends of each section. Don’t apply the steamer to your scalp and don’t try to slow steaimg_5871m. Place the steamer close enough to loosen any detangles. When I say don’t “slow steam”, I mean don’t hold the steamer in one spot towards your scalp or skin. After awhile it will get too hot. Once you’ve ran your steamer through that one section, comb through it with your wide tooth comb from roots to ends. Then use your Diane No Knot Detangler Shampoo Brush from root to ends. I always make sure I use my hair clips to hold the hair that I”ve already steamed and detangled away from the hair that I haven’t yet. Once I finish steaming that one section, I either do one (1) flat twist or I’ll do one (1) bantu knot. Repeat this step in all four sections of your hair. Once all four are done, you should have four (4) either flat twists or bantu knots. Place your second plastic cap on your head for about 10 minutes.

Step 6

Remove your plastic cap, un-twists your flat twists or bantu knots, and rinse your hair with cool water. Pat dry with towel.

Step 7

Spray your entire head with the Creme of Nature Strength & Shine Leave-In Conditioner with Argan Oil. You have the option of detangling now during this step, but for this tutorial we are going to wait on that and just section into four parts like before in step 4 using the wide tooth comb and the hair clips. Keep your towel handy, as things could get messy water wise. 

Step 8

Start from one of the two back sections and pull a small amount down to twist. The size preference of your twists is all up to you. Most of the time I do mainly medium to simg_5875mall, but not too small. Apply the Creme of Nature Moisture Recovery Leave-in Curl Milk from root to ends and brush through with the Diane No Knot Detangler Shampoo Brush. Spray the African Royale Miracle Hot Six Oil Mist on the ends and brush through with the Diane No Knot Detangler Shampoo Brush.

Step 9

Begin two strand twisting. If you need a visual of this process, click here for a video from natural hair influencer Neki Cakes.

Step 10

Repeat steps 8 and 9 on all four (4) sections of your hair. Mini Twists come out frizzy if you don’t make sure your hair stays wet throughout the process of twisting. You may need a spray bottle of water to keep your hair wet while applying the products.


Here are my final results below:


I leave my twists in for about two weeks at the longest. Once that two week mark hits, I’ll either wear it as a twist out that last day, or just take them a loose and wash for a new style.

Have you tried this style before? Did you like it or don’t prefer it and why? Comment below with your thoughts.

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  1. This is a great detailed post. I don’t do twist very often because I don’t have the patience.. but I love how my hair looks loose out the next day.

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