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I came across Okay Pure Naturals randomly, literally.
I was shopping at Marshalls clothing store during the past Christmas season for gifts and came across the hair care brand while searching through the piles of beauty products on sale in the clearance section. Lets check out which products I picked up and my results from using this new hair care brand added to my hair care product collection below.

Leave In Conditioner

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The first item I came across was the Okay Pure Naturals Black Jamaican Castor Oil Leave In Conditioner. I decided to try it out before purchasing any of the other products since it was on sale for half the regular sales price, sort of like a sample testing. After the first use, I noticed a huge difference in moisture for my curls. My biggest fear is that it would leave flakes and residue on my hair style once dried since it is a thicker leave in conditioner than what I normally use, but I didn’t have a problem with that at all. The smell was a second issue, but once dried it smells wonderful, more like cocoa butter than any other fragrance.

Hair Moisturizer

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Second item I purchased from Okay Pure Naturals after a successful first use with the leave in conditioner is the 100% Pure Coconut Oil Skin and Hair Moisturizer. Of course, I have mentioned in the past my biggest problem of having a dry scalp during the colder months and this year is no different. Typically around this time of the year I steer away from heavy liquid oil use and go more towards butters and hair dressings, or what you would call hair grease. Yes, even as a natural, I still use hair grease in my hair regimen. It helps coat my scalp with a protective layer so it doesn’t dry out from the cold dry air during the winter time. The Okay Pure Naturals Moisturizer worked perfectly!

Hair Oil

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Third item I decided to purchase after coming across another sale but at Target this time is the Okay Pure Naturals Vitamin E Oil. Even though I don’t use a lot of heavy oils in the winter compared to the summer, I do still include them in my hair regimen at all times for my ends. The reason I decided to go with the vitamin E oil is because it is a great antioxidant and it tames frizz well which I love the most about it.

Check out my results from using all three products matched up with my Creme of Nature shampoo and conditioner below.


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Products Used:

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Have you tried Okay Pure Naturals products and merchandise? 
If so, leave your thoughts and your own experience with the skin care line in the comment section below!

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