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DeluxHair – Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Strong Hold Gel Product Review

Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel (right) vs. Strong Hold (left)

As you all may already know by now if you’ve been subscribed to our site for the last two months, DeluxHair is an affiliate partner with Ouidad so I had the opportunity to try out the entire line over the last month or so and I love it so far! My hair is fuller and moves more as well. Great product reviews so far!

The reason for this post today is the point out a significant difference between two of Ouidad’s hair gels one of which was used in my previous review. The first one I used was the standard Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel. My results are shown in the pictures below:

Images provided by @K_DougDE

As you can see with this first gel, my curls are pretty defined, more than normal. My hair is fuller but still shows some length as well which I love about this particular gel. My hair shrinks a lot on a regular due to my hair type, but this gel has seemed to counter that as a whole so I’m able to show some length with my curls. But what I did not like about it was the fact that my hair actually looks slightly frizzy and my hair was a little stiffer once dry even though there was more movement than normal. My curls seemed to clump together more. This is great for a windy or hotter day but not for this particular style of a twist out. I wanted my hair to still hold its curls and be defined, but I did not want the frizz and limited amounts of mobility.

After using the first gel provided complimentary by Ouidad a couple times and not seeing any different results from the first time to combat the frizz and limited mobility of my curls, I was happy to see that Ouidad just released a brand new Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Stronger Hold Gel! My results are shown in the pictures below.

img_3922img_3913img_3915Images provided by @K_DougDE

The new gel from Ouidad is perfect! One difference I noticed between the two would be the volume of my curls. With the first gel my hair was fuller, with this one not so much but that wasn’t a bad thing for me, either option is cool for me. Second difference I noticed was that my curls were even MORE defined this second go around which I loved! Third difference is no frizz! My curls were smooth and had amazing mobility as well compared to the first gel option. Last difference is my shrinkage. The lack of shrinkage in the first option is what I preferred but with the second gel option I didn’t get that length which I wish I had have.

Overall, I love both gel options!

With the original Ouidad gel I would recommend using it for styles that you want more of that frizz effect along with length. I would not recommend it for a wash and go. I actually tried the wash and go style first just to see what it would look like and it didn’t come out right at all. There was no curl definition, just more frizz and shrinkage. I would recommend more of your curlier styles like twist outs with flexi-rods and bantu knot out styles. I have not tried a wash and go with the second option yet but I believe that it would work better as far as curl definition goes compared to the original gel.

Would you like to try out the new Ouidad Strong Hold Gel? Buy the NEW Stronger Hold Gel (retail or liter) by clicking the image above and receive samples of the entire ACC lineup FREE! No code necessary, your free sample kit will automatically be added to your cart! Enjoy! Offer ends at midnight April 19, 2018!

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