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We are back again for another product review from DeluxHair’s long time affiliate partner Ouidad! This review is going to be a little different compared to others that we have posted before here on the site. We will be highlighting the Ouidad Krly Kids No Time For Tears Shampoo and the Krly Kids More Knots Conditioner so this will tie in with our natural hair blog segment DeluxHair, but also our motherhood and parenting blog segment #DEArtMom as well so you will see it on both webpages.

The great thing about being on this natural hair journey is that I get to share this journey with my child, my daughter now. Growing up, I didn’t get to experience my own natural hair too much. I remember being younger and my grandmother would press my hair all the time with a hot comb and then braid it down into different styles so I didn’t get to really experience it too much then. It was always in a set style that I wasn’t allowed and able to touch it too much, and of course I didn’t have a say so in how I wanted it styled because I was too young to make those decisions. Once I hit those pre-teen years of life, my mom decided it was time for me to get my first chemical relaxer to permanently straighten my hair so it was easier for her to style. Again, I didn’t get a say so here so once this was done I was trained to believe my hair had to be straight in order to manage it and style it well.

Once I began my natural hair journey over eight years ago, I always said if I was to birth a daughter I would make sure that she was able to embrace her natural hair and in a way give her more of the decision making process of how she wanted her hair to be instead of making permanent decisions like placing a chemical relaxer, or a texturizer, or perms in her hair at a young age. Now that my daughter is here that is exactly what I am doing going forward with her haircare.

Seeing my daughter’s hair grow healthy has been so amazing, I’m truly blessed to be able to watch and be apart of this journey with her. Of course with any baby’s hair it is always really fine and shiny and what we would all deem as being good hair when they are born, that’s expected. But now that my baby girl is moving more into the toddler stage of life, her true hair type is coming through pretty nicely and I can see where we are both so much alike when it comes to our hair type. Me going through my own natural hair journey helped a lot when it came to caring for her hair. Everything I have to do for my hair like keeping it hydrated, only styling and combing and brushing it when it is wet, using a wide tooth comb instead of a fine tooth one, etc. are the same things I have to do for hers. Her hair is more delicate as well so it also teaches me a lot more patience when it comes to hair in general for the both of us.

So in the beginning when I first began washing my daughter’s hair, I opted to use Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo. It worked perfectly because of course when a baby is really young you don’t need to use a lot products on their hair at all. They still have that natural hair oil going on so it doesn’t need too much. She didn’t have cradle cap at all (thank God!) and her scalp seemed to be pretty healthy so Cetaphil was continued to be used for months until her hair became thicker. Once I noticed that the thickness was similar to mine and I couldn’t use the fine tooth baby hair combs anymore, that I had to use my big wide tooth comb for her hair, that’s when I began her natural hair regimen and routine.

When I moved on from Cetaphil, I began to use SheaMoisture Mango and Carrot Kids Extra Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner first. I will have a separate product review for both of those along with the Cetaphil that I mentioned before at a later time, but long story short the SheaMoisture worked fairly well. I was pleased with both of them, but I wanted something that really helped with the detangling process better and Cetaphil along with SheaMoisture just wasn’t it for me at all. They both cleaned well and smelled wonderful, but they both seemed to make it harder to detangle after washing and conditioning. So I decided to look towards DeluxHair’s affiliate partners to see if any of them carried any kid’s hair products for natural hair and I came across Ouidad Krly Kids.

Photography provided by @K_DougDE

I received Ouidad Krly Kids complementary and fell in love by the first use of it. I’m not just saying that because this is one of our long time partners, I always keep my reviews 100% real and honest. I’m saying this because it’s true. Ouidad Krly Kids is perfect for my daughter’s hair. Ouidad Krly Kids No More Tears Shampoo cleansed very well and it even began to help with the detangling process. The Ouidad Krly Kids No Knot Conditioner smells amazing! Once applied to her curls, it’s like it began to melt into her hair and her curls just began separating on their own. So far I have been using this shampoo and conditioner set on her hair for about a month now or close to a month and I’m also seeing some growth happening as far as length goes and her hair has become even more thicker. I love it! Even though I received these complimentary, I went back and looked up the price of each one and they aren’t bad in price compared to other kid’s hair care products for naturals I have found in stores. I have placed some coupon codes and links below so you’ll get them both to try out at a discounted rate today just for reading our product review. I would highly recommend these two products if you have a young child with thick curly hair!

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