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Photography provided by @K_DougDE
I absolutely love Queens on Purpose products!
I finally got my hands on my very own samples after seeing so many women on Instagram displaying how they also love the line so far and the success they have had with the skincare items available.

Lets take a look at the samples I received below!

All Over Body and Hair Butter

First and foremost, let me just say that I love the packaging of this line.
Everything was neat and clean and easy to read. The design of their logo is amazing and the packaging materials went great with everything included. The first item I received from Queens on Purpose is the All Over Body and Hair Butter. I love the smell of it. Reminded me of pure coconut butter. So far, this particular butter is used after showers for me. It’s like that treat for my skin after a long day of work, just before I get ready to head to bed. Right now, I have not tried this butter in my hair yet. I plan to try it out for a twist out but wanted to try it on my skin first beforehand.
So far, I think it will be a great addition to my natural hair routine

Paradise Body Butter

Second item received is the Paradise Body Butter.
I use this cream on a daily basis at this point. Mainly for my facial routine.
At first, I ended up using way too much. It made my skin really oily and shiny and I was afraid this would cause my skin to break out in blemishes but that never happened. From that point forward after my first use, I began to limit how much I used on my face daily and it made a huge difference. You know how most of the time you have to use a lot of facial cream or butters in order to prevent dry skin in the winter time or during the colder months, well you won’t have to worry about that problem with Queens on Purpose. I realized early on that you don’t have to use as much product to have a great experience or to get the results I was looking for. This also means a huge savings financially and buying so many products for moisturizing my face as well.
It’s true, with Queen on Purpose a little goes a long way! 

Stress Relief Body Butter

Third item received is the Stress Relief Body Butter.
This cream is used, for me, every other day mainly along my neck area, chest and the bottoms of my feet. With me, personally, working and or having to stand long time periods during the day this comes in very handy. I love the medicated smell of it, great for those times where I may fall ill due to a cold or stuffy nose. I have found that this butter is great for joint pain as well. One morning after getting off from work and having achy feet and legs, I placed the Stress Relief Body Butter on the heels of my feet and on my ankles and the pain went away in about 10 minutes or so. The next work shift I didn’t have any pain at all. This is a butter that I plan on keeping around for those long work nights in the future. 

African Black Soap

Last but definitely not least, the last item I received is the African Black Soap.
This is the main item I have been itching to get my hands on and I finally got it! If you’ve been following for some time now, then you know I mainly stick with The Garnet Rose Soap Company when it comes to Black soap but I decided to switch things up this month and try something new to add to my collection. So far, I am in love with this soap. When I first began using it, I had blemishes from adult acne including old scarring from previous breakouts and blemishes. After two weeks of using the soap, my breakouts have been healed and my scarring is evening out while improving my skin complexion. I have only used this soap on my face and not on any other parts of my body. But according to the Queens on Purpose website, you are able to use this product all over your body, you just can’t use the bar itself to wash with. You have to create a soapy lather first and then apply that lather to your skin. If you use the entire bar to wash with directly on your skin you may risk scratching your skin and possibly tearing it and causing irritations due to the particles used to make the soap. 


Photography provided by @K_DougDE

Here’s a look above of my results from using the Paradise Body Butter and the African Black Soap on my fave so far. As you can see no blemishes are present. I have some discoloration and pigmentation issues on the right side of my lower chin area which I’m working on with my skincare routine right now. They were already there before I began using this skin care line from previous breakouts and blemishes of the past. Other than that my skin tone has even changed and evened itself out more to one set color versus have major discoloration in random areas.

I highly recommend Queens on Purpose this winter season for your skin. Winter season is always the perfect time to get your skin moisturized and ready for the upcoming summer season approaching very soon!
Check out the skin care line below at the link provided!

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Have you tried Queens on Purpose products and merchandise?
If so, leave your thoughts and your own experience with the skin care line in the comment section below!

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  1. I love her products! My little one is a total fan of her coconut hair butter. I’m going to have to try out that stress relief butter and African black soap bar though!

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