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There are only three different oils that I absolutely love for my hair. They have worked well for me over the last couple of years, depending on what time of the year that I have used them:

  1. Coconut Oil – I was introduced to this particular oil around the 6 month mark of my natural journey the first go around after my big chop and have loved it ever since. This is one that I do use year round, but it seems to work the best during the hotter season of the year like in the Summer time and Fall compared to the Winter time and Spring.
    Cococnut Oil
  2. Olive Oil– This is one that was passed down from my relaxer days. I would use this oil faithfully every single day when I had relaxed hair and it worked perfectly for me. Now I use it more during the Winter time while natural more than any other time period. It is thin enough for me to use directly on my scalp, but thick enough to last a couple days without making my hair super oily and sticky to the touch.
    Olive Oil
  3. Tea Tree Oil – This is my go to product for my extremely dry and itchy scalp days. Whenever my scalp becomes really bad, I mix some of this in with the deep conditioner I am using at the time, or I will use a shampoo with this particular oil in it to clear my scalp of any dandruff and flakes.
    Tea Tree OIl

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