DeluxHair – Working Woman Wednesday!

Well hello there ladies! I hope you all are doing wonderful on this good Wednesday! DeluxHair would like to feature each and every one of our female readers who work continuously hard every day of the week and still manage to keep those curls looking amazing! In order to be featured on our page just follow the simple instructions below!

  1. Make sure your page is public (required).
  2. Follow @delux_hair, @deluxds, and @education_expo.
  3. Post a selfie of yourself with you natural hair showing on Instagram. (no weave)
  4. Tag us @delux_hair in your picture and use hashtag #Delux_Hair in the caption.
  5. Tag your curly friends in this picture so they can join the fun (optional).

That’s It! Have a great day ladies, don’t work too hard, and happy blogging!

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