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#DEMentalHealthMondays – Burnout as a Creative

Photography provided by Giphy

Hello and welcome to #DEMentalHealthMondays!
If you’re new here, #DEMentalHealthMondays is a blogging segment based on highlighting mental health and resources to help towards having better mental health overall. This blogging segment is included with our very own non-profit The DE Foundation.

Today’s topic is about Burnout as a Creative.
I experienced this firsthand along my freelance journey as a business owner and service provider over the last ten years, and it’s not a good feeling at all. Many go through this not as a new entrepreneur but as a seasoned entrepreneur over time most of the time. It’s fairly common from time to time especially during this holiday season we are currently in right now.

Let’s take a dive into my journey and how I managed to counter this burnout that I went through by clicking the banner below to read the full article.

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One thought on “#DEMentalHealthMondays – Burnout as a Creative

  1. Also, burnout does not just go away, it comes back around in cycles. It is your mind’s way of saying “I need a break to refresh and regenerate”. Artists must learn to recognize burnout in themselves, and step back to get a fresh perspective.

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