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#DEMentalHealthMondays – How Blogging Is Helping my Mental Health

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The best thing that could have ever happened for me concerning my mental health would be my new found passion of blogging. Who knew typing on a keyboard of a computer could be so therapeutic?

I have known about the concept of blogging since around the age of 14, during the Myspace era, but this has been a new activity for me to take part in recently within the last two to three years. Remember when we discussed my issues with depression and insomnia? Well, my goal since then has been to find ways of coping through my mental issues in a more healthier way that could also help others around me that may be suffering in silence. The main way I have found that has helped me the most would be through electronic writing also known as blogging.

  • Blog – a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc.

At first, the idea of starting my own blog kind of scared me. I did not want too many people into my world and I also did not want too many opinions from people that do not know me truly into my world. I was being more so afraid of how I would be viewed by others, rather than disclosing too much information about myself. The first blog I ever started was this one you are reading from right now, Delux Designs (DE), LLC. The second blog I began is through Medium which you can check out here. The DE Blog that we are on right now is more so about art, sort of like the hub for DE and everything concerning DE. The second blog through Medium is the one that I am referring to when I say blogging has helped my mental health.

My Ultimate Platform through Medium

The first time I came across Medium was back during undergrad years of college.

I had to write a paper on a specific topic and site my sources in which Medium was a source for a couple of those papers. Ever since then I signed up for the site and began to read hundreds of articles and posts throughout Medium for the last 8-10 years. It wasn’t until last year that I decided to become a Freelance Writer myself for Medium.

For me blogging and freelance writing enables me to think for myself.
As a writer for Medium, I don’t have someone hovering over my head telling me what I can and can not write about. Of course, I don’t post things to offend others, but I also don’t shy away from tough topics like domestic violence against women for example. Medium allows me to be free and to get things off my chest that I may not be able to in reality. Medium has also allowed me to connect with others whom are going through the same issues mentally as me. I know they say you should rely on family and friends during tough times especially when it comes to mental health but that is not always true. The concept of what happens in this house stays in this house has been a toxic notion for me and has enabled me to suffer in silence more than anything. When I first began to feel and see the negative effects of my mental health, I was told it was all in my head as though I didn’t already know that. Mental health and mental disorders are of the mind, that’s a given. I was also told that I was just being weak and to just be happy with no help from those around me that I see on a regular basis. This didn’t make me love them any less than I already do. This just taught me that everyone doesn’t understand or take the time out to learn about different issues people are suffering from if it doesn’t directly affect them. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it would be wrong of me to depend on them and run to them when I’m having a problem I know they can’t and aren’t willing to help me with. With Medium, I was able to connect with people whom have been through the same things I have and have beat it. They in part have taught me what to do in order to get through my issues and problems and beat them and I thank them for it. My readers and followers have given great advice publicly and behind the scenes through direct messaging and it has helped a ton towards me managing my mental disorder(s) better now in my late twenties.

Freelance writing through blogging has become my therapy.

Each time that I finish a blog post or article, it’s like as if I was laying on a couch in front of my counselor and pouring my heart out to them. Every time an article is published it’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders enabling more positive thoughts and experiences into my life. However, freelancing writing and my blog posts should never be mistaken as diary entries. This is not a diary. Diaries are for people who just want to document each day or each week of their life. For me, I wanted something bigger than a diary. Yes writing in one for myself could and can help me, but with a blog I wanted it to be here when I’m dead and gone for others to read and know that they are not alone.

I know how that feels when it feels like you’re all alone when it comes to the matter of your mental health. I want those generations coming after me to know you’re not alone, this isn’t new and they can manage it better and get through it positively in life.
Public blogs allow me to do that.

How do you manage your mental health? Are there any activities that you participate in to help manage your mental health? Comment below in our comment section with your thoughts.


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