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#DEMentalHealthMondays – Nine Home Decor Options to Improve Your Mental Health

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There are so many ways to begin the process of improving your mental health that you can start today right from your own home. For me, personally, I believe everything we do and how we act starts at home. That includes home as a reference to not only our own bodies and minds, but also our residence and structures we call home.

Lets take a look at nine decor options and routines below that are often used to improve mental health:

  1. Open your blinds. Sunlight can make a world of a difference for you when it comes to improving your mental health all together. Being in the dark may be your first go to when you’re feeling down or having a bad day, but that’s one of the worst options you could go with when you’re dealing with a long term mental health issue. Vitamin D from the actual sun can be your biggest asset to feel good about yourself, have glowing skin and better surroundings. Our affiliate partner Target has some amazing options for blinds that focus on bringing more natural sunlight into your space including the Cordless Celestial Sheer Double Layered Light Filtering Shades by Achim.
  2. Keep clean. A range of different mental illnesses or disorders can cause you to become over fatigued and just plain out lazy for some time. To counter this symptom make sure you’re staying clean. Don’t allow your space to become cluttered and a mess. Just think, a cluttered room leads to a cluttered mind. The more messy your space becomes the less likely you are able to focus on what’s important in life. This also goes for your own personal hygiene. Make sure you’re still staying on top of taking showers and baths, keeping your hair and skin clean, brushing your teeth and flossing. I know you may become sad from time to time or frustrated during the bad phases or days, but keeping clean will help so much. Not only is your personal hygiene important but your home should stay clean as well. Put things back where they need to go, get rid of old clothes and things you no longer use, do a deep clean of your home every once in a while where you’re cleaning behind appliances and furniture.
  3. Get Plants. Bring life into your home and space through plants. Bring some nice sized plants into your home to produce additional oxygen for you. This will help you breath better throughout the night and day by providing some additional fresh air. Houseplants range in size from small tabletop plants to full blown 5 feet tall plants, it all depends on what you want and where you’d like to place them in your home. Check out Michelle Polk’s book on Healing Houseplants for more information on which ones are best for you.
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4. More Color. Brighten up your space! More color means more light brought in which means a potential of more happiness and a better mood for you overall. Try doing some solid color blocking of the walls in your house with Magnolia Homes Paint from Joanna Gaines with our affiliate partner Target. The color blue specifically has been proven to be a great color option for those wanting to improve their mental health for the better. Blue is known to improve on blood pressure while also helping towards better sleep. This is a great option specifically for the bedrooms of your home.

5. Stay Organized. Begin organizing your space more. Categorizing your items either by size or color. Putting unnecessary items out of site with storage shelves like Target’s wide range of storage cabinets including the Windham Tall Cabinet with Drawer from Threshold. You can also organize more with our very own Credenza Collection from affiliate partner Society6.

6. Create Memories. Portrait walls help out a lot for improving your mental health. What you see on a regular basically sets your mood everyday in which most forget about. If the rooms in your home are just bare walls this can increase and encourage depression overtime, creating a sad atmosphere. You’re not looking at anything that brings you joy. Adding portraits to your home can be not only reminders of those who love you unconditionally, but they can also create a more personal space with more personal touches that uplift your spirit in every room of your home. Even adding artwork of your choice all together that you enjoy can really allow you to actually like coming home daily. Check out some of our very own wall art with affiliate partner Society6, or you can place your own order for your own custom painted portraits today with Delux Designs (DE), LLC by clicking here to improve your space.

7. Create a safe space. Having your very own safe space apart of your home is a great way to have a mini getaway, while also replenishing good energy for yourself personally. One option of having your own safe space is to build or create your very own orangeries. An orangery is a separate or extended part of your house that you can basically create into any type of room you would like. Some are often used for social spaces with an outside view, but this could also be a room that can be transformed for your own relaxation and peace from a hectic day. This extension of your home can be created with brick or any other material of your choice and often have that abundance of sunlight that we talked about in number one with an option of a lantern roof. Along with the addition of increased light, this would also be a great area to add plants and vegetation that we talked about in number three as well.

8. Limit your reflection. Don’t place so many mirrors in your home, especially if you suffer from anxiety a lot. The increase of reflections everywhere can not only create confusion and high levels of anxiety for you in you at home, but it can also create tension and stress for those visiting your home. Try to keep mirrors at a minimum in your bathrooms and your bedrooms.

9. Aromatherapy areas. Candles work wonders for homes. The variety of different scents really do affect your mood when you burn them. Scents like lavender just to name one of the many options you have has such a calming effect on your mood that it is perfect for those who suffer from insomnia. Lavender is known to make you relaxed and sleepy, or it helps some fall asleep completely. If you really want to set the mood for aromatherapy, try adding in some form of running water. Mini water fountains are great for homes, you can even add one to your yard as well if you’re a homeowner. Check out our affiliate partner Michaels mini water fountains by clicking here.

Items Featured

  1. Cordless Celestial Sheer Light Filtering Shades from Achim
  2. Michelle Polk’s Healing Houseplants
  3. Magnolia Homes Paint from Joanna Gaines
  4. Windham Tall Cabinet with Drawer from Threshold
  5. Credenza Collection from Society6
  6. Wall Art Collection from Society6
  7. Orangeries from Three Counties
  8. Mini Water Fountains from Michaels Arts and Crafts
  9. Lavender Candles from Michaels Arts and Crafts

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