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#DEMusicBlocks – R. Kelly Request Update

img_0675Artwork created by @K_DougDE

Due to multiple requests, at least five different ones through various social media messaging, I figured I should address the requests of an R. Kelly based #DEMusicBlocks with a blog post instead of social media posts so everyone subscribed and reading will be notified at the same time. Unfortunately, due to the disturbing accusations that have been going on since the 90’s and even some freshly new ones in the last couple weeks this year, we can not and will not be creating any R. Kelly based #DEMusicBlocks. We apologize to the people who have sent in requests for him specifically and understand that you are still supporting the art produced by music artist Robert Kelly, but we can not create any artwork in support of him.

I know you’re supposed to go by the rule of being “innocent until proven guilty” but patterns and trends speak for themselves once something has been repeated for over 20 years at a time. Thank you all for your support and we will be dropping some new illustrations soon for you all to enjoy from other reputable music artists. So far, this artist is the only one that we are refusing to create from this point forward until further notice.

If you don’t know what is going on with R. Kelly and would like more information, click the link below to catch up on his latest drama for 2018.

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Would you like to request a specific music artist for our #DEMusicBlocks collection? Click here to place your requests and we will add it to the list to create this year!

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