Did you know? We now accept CashApp!


We heard you and we listened to your requests for more options for payments made with Delux Designs (DE), LLC. Since our last survey for your feedback, we have added an additional payment option of CashApp with Square to make things a little easier for everyone when shopping with us. Right now, you will are now able to purchase graphic design services, graphic design prints, custom painting orders, and you can even send in donations with our new payment option for our art gallery and studio as well!

Haven’t used CashApp before?

Using it is VERY easy and simple.
Step 1: Download the CashApp here.
You’re Done!

That’s right, using the new banking app through Square is as simple as downloading an app to your phone or computer. The payment system even has a debit card option in which you are able to use it at all retailers that accept VISA, an you’re even able to withdraw and deposit money into your CashApp account at any local ATM for a small fee!

That’s not all!

If you download the app today by clicking here, you will receive $5.00 USD automatically courtesy of  Delux Designs (DE), LLC! This is a small thank you for your feedback!

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