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My very first oil painting experience was cool. Even from the very beginning of shopping for paints and new brushes strictly for oil painting. I wanted my first piece to be something big and bold, nothing too detailed since I’m still new to the particular paint. Painted on a 8×8 inch canvas panel, ‘Pillow Talk’ was born! It was created as a representation of the metaphor that a pillow can talk which we all know it can not literally. Figuratively, it means an intimate conversation while in bed (http://www.dictionary.com/browse/pillow-talk).

This piece used symbols to represent certain things pertaining to pillow talking. As shown above, turned vertically, the rose image represents intimacy or love, but the rose petals are opening at the same time. I wanted it to look as though the flower was opening up, symbolizing the concept of pillow talking. Most of the time when we participate in this form of intimacy, we end up opening up to someone, ultimately giving that particular person we are opening up to a view into to our worlds or who we really are. This would be one of the most intimate moments of a relationship, when you are literally allowing someone into you.

Now if you turn the painting horizontal to the left, a set of lips are shown to represent pillow talking, making this piece two paintings in one. The lips on this side represent pillow talking but in a negative way, whereas with the opposite side it was more positive. The lips show where a person is talking too much in an intimate setting but not for the correct, or right, reasons. An eyeball has been placed inside of the lips as a visual image of someone having eyes into your world that should not. The rose concept was not apart of this view of the painting because this side does not represent true love, but instead communication for a malicious reasoning.

The concept of this painting is to shed light on how pillow talking can have a positive and negative effect on your life depending on who you are talking to during intimate moments. For some, pillow talking can be an intimate moment with someone they really care about, leading to them opening up about themselves in the next stage of their relationship. For others, pillow talking can be a mischievous moment with someone they may or may not care about. It could be a moment where too much information is given out to the wrong person or false information is being spread.

I plan to create more meaningful and dual paintings like these for 2017, and I plan to work with oil paints more since this one came out pretty cool along with my routine acrylic paintings. This piece can be purchased by emailing deluxds@yahoo.com with the subject header, “Dual Paintings” if anyone is interested in it. If you have any comments on it, please leave them in the comments section below. Some don’t believe in commenting on others artwork out of fear it may hurt the artist’s feelings but I love positive and negative feedback. It helps with the artistic process to know what you guys think about what I do. Thanks everyone, happy blogging!

Materials Used:
-Micheal’s Artist Loft Oil Paint
-Cheap Joe’s Arts and Crafts Canvas Panel
8×8 inch

Price: $150.00 (USD)

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