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Education Expo – Vendor Wednesday


Hello Everyone! Today’s campaign is #VendorWednesday in support of our 4th annual Education Expo Back to School Supply Drive!

Just like the last three years, we do have vendor spaces are available for any local area businesses or services who would like to set up during the supply drive. Qualifications and requirements are listed below:

  • Vendor Fee: $15.00 (USD) via Paypal or $15 worth of school supplies
    • A purchase of $15.00 (USD) worth of school supplies can replace the monetary fee to reserve your space this year. You would need to purchase your supplies, take a picture with you and your supplies holding your receipt from your purchase, upload to Instagram & tag us @education_expo along with #EducationExpo17, & lastly of course bring your supply donation you have purchased to reserve your space with you for setup the day of the drive. Your account must be public for us to see your post and reserve your space.
  • Tables Are Not Included: You must bring your own table and chairs the day of the drive. We may have some available for you to use on site, but they will be very limited along with space so bring your own just to be on the safe side. Electricity is available, but you must bring your own equipment and any additional extension cords you may need.

We thank all of our current vendors so far, along with past vendors who came out last year to Chester and Spartanburg, SC for our two previous supply drives. You all made both events very exciting to be at, along with forming great partnerships and collaborations for future events. All vendor fees will go as a donation to our drive as all proceeds will go towards additional school supplies for students.

Thanks again everyone! We will be back again tomorrow for #TshirtThursday, so subscribe to our site by clicking “Follow” on the right hand side panel of the screen! Follow Education Expo on all social media pages below as well for continuous updates throughout the day!



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