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Enjoy 15% off at the DE VIDA Shop!

I’ve created a collection of apparel and accessories using my original artwork with VIDA. This month only I can qualify to win a trip to San Francisco to meet the VIDA team and get a guided tour of the SFMOMA by selling products from my collection. If you’d like to help me get this opportunity, please use the code below for 15% off any purchase from my collection!


Enjoy 15% off
Using code SF-ACAU
From now until midnight PST 8/9/17
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Your purchase not only supports my personal collection of hand-designed products and brings me closer to winning a trip to San Francisco, but makes a global impact. VIDA is passionate about helping to drive social change for artists and makers. Their company offers literacy and empowerment programs for VIDA’s factory workers so they can build a better life for generations to come.

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