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One of Delux Designs (DE), LLC main graphic designs offered as a service to the pubic are our Event Flyers. Our event flyers were the very first design option that was offered by our founder @K_DougDE back in 2010 that really kicked off this design service and brand to this day. Ever since then we have provided this promotional design service to over a hundred different clients around the United States.

We began by just designing for friends and family whom were event promoters around South Carolina and North Carolina through word of mouth. That word of mouth spread to social media recognition mainly and now we are on a level where we are being recommended throughout a variety of different blogs and websites nationwide.

In the very beginning concerning our communication methods we would only accept orders via email which was the easiest for us & the most convenient with keeping up with everything per client, but with an increase in clientele & those interested in our services we have had to grow into other methods of communicating with clients, event promoters, event organizers and potential customers.

One of our latest and newest ways of communicating Event Flyer requests that we are introducing for the new year of 2020 is our online ordering form through our website and blog site.

That’s right! You can now place orders online with us by visiting our new Event Flyer blog page here. On this page we will have past and current designs for everyone to see and enjoy showing our work and what we have to offer. If there are any sales or promotions concerning Event Flyers they will also be placed on this page as well.

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