Fall Art Product Haul

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Fall is here!

Well not quite yet, but we are inching towards those cooler temperatures and beautiful leaf color changes very soon! For me, most of my paintings are created during the fall season of each year. Which means I am shopping more for art supplies during this time period right before the new season kicks in. Now, fair warning, I am not one of those art supply shoppers or artists who looks for the most expensive supplies. I am the complete opposite. A great deal on price is what truly makes my final decision on purchasing supplies seasonally. Next up in the decision making process is the longevity of the product. How long is it going to last me compared to other brands. The best quality, cheaper supplies is always the goal. Check out some of the products picked up on the DE Fall Product Haul for 2018 from Michael’s, Cheap Joe’s Arts and Crafts of Charlotte, and Hobby Lobby Arts and Crafts stores.

Joe’s Prime Really Good Canvas

IMG_5922Photography provided by @K_DougDE

Overall, the best place I have found for art canvas options would be Cheap Joe’s Arts and Crafts Store in Charlotte, North Carolina. Most are already primed for you and they come in a large variety of different sizes, perfect for different painting styles. They even come in different shapes, which is great when I have the urge to do something different art wise for projects. For this product haul, canvas panels, wrapped canvases and some wooden panels were picked up for future art projects and activities. Along with something new for me to try out, black illustration boards for upcoming #DEMusicBlocks!

Liquitex Professional Color Varnish and Medium


Liquitex products have been a favorite of mine since undergrad days of college. I first began using this line during my Freshman year of college. This was the first brand I used for my varnishes and mediums, and I haven’t switched brands since. My varnish layers are always beautiful after applied to my paintings. No smudges, no smears. Just a clean and clear top coat layer. Each medium I try from Liquitex are always easy to use and very mixable for my mixed media art pieces. Most of the time I purchase Liquitex from Michael’s Arts and Crafts Store, but from time to time I catch it on sale at Cheap Joe’s as well in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Cheap Joe’s Plastic Color Palette

e8c320b1-c8a5-4ec3-a162-a25ded6e0f2b_dvd.originalPhotography provided by @K_DougDE

Another product from Cheap Joe’s I have used for years would be their painting palettes. They’re plastic and easy for storage especially when I’m moving around from pop shops to art showcases. I also don’t have any problems cleaning each one as well with warm water and dish detergent after each use.

Anita’s Acrylic Paint

img_5737.jpgPhotography provided by @K_DougDE

The only acrylic paint brand I use for my paintings is Anita’s Acrylic Paints from Hobby Lobby Arts and Crafts store. They’re less than $1 USD per bottle and often last a while throughout the year. Each paint is easy to mix, and they’re easy to clean up if messes are made throughout your creativity journey. Very good when you’re moving around from place to place as an artist as well.

Artist Loft Paint Brushes

So far, the only paint brushes I have used are from the Artist Loft brand of Michaels Arts and Crafts store. But, however, this will not be my only brand of choice soon. Artist Loft are great price wise, but not for the long term when it comes to the brushes being of good quality and lasting a long time. I typically purchase the value packs and use up tot about two packs of the brushes annually. I’ll have a product review on these soon for everyone.

Cheap Joe’s Clear Gesso

Photography provided by @K_DougDE

Another purchase made from Cheap Joe’s was the clear Gesso. I have never used this product before, not even in college, but I have a big project coming up soon that requires it so we will see then if it is a great product or not. I have heard great things about it so hopefully there won’t be any problems here with it in the future.

Michaels Illustration Board

img_5006-1Photography provided by @K_DougDE

Last but definitely far from least, are my new illustration boards from Michaels Arts and Crafts! As you can already tell, I use these A LOT! These are my preferred surface to create on over canvases and other surfaces for painting and drawing. My first encounter with illustration boards was in undergrad of college, I instantly fell in love with them.

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