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Focus On Those Who Focus On You

Often times, I get majorly discouraged when I actually take the time out to notice the lack of support from those that I would break my neck for. I know you all have been here before and I know that I am not alone because I see your frustrations all the time just like mine while online. You reach out to those around you, more than likely the people who are closest to you, right? You expect full blown support from sharing posts online, to even telling others about what you have going on, because you know you would do the same for them if given the opportunity. Only to be disappointed from a lack of support completely. You become frustrated with your friends and family and those you are looking towards for that extra push, that you become discouraged with your work and what you are doing, often questioning if you are doing everything right and whether or not your dreams were meant to be accomplished at all.

Stop depending on others for your success.

Yes, you should stop depending on everyone around you to pick up their slack when really it is your slackness that needs to be adjusted. Your friends and family are not responsible for solely pushing your brand, you are. Your friends and family are not responsible for supporting your brand, you are. At the end of the day, you do not need everyone to see nor support what you do or have to offer. All you truly need is one person….the right person to support your cause and you will be fine. We often get caught up in the amount of people showing love to us, not realizing none of those numbers really matter if they are not supporters who want to see you doing better business wise. The more you push people to support you through complaints and negativity, the less that support will be genuinely given which won’t be much of a help for you in the long run.

Get out there and get it on your own.

The next time you feel unappreciated, think about these many options below that you can do yourself instead of focusing your energy and time into what is not working for you:

  1. Join Support Groups – There are many groups out here that focus on your field of business or service. I have found some of the most amazing groups through Facebook that actually team up from time to time with one another to just discuss what we have going on and to even start strategies for new project ideas as well. Find you a group that you can lean on for support. A group that has people that are interested in the same things that you are. Sometimes it is not that our friends and family don’t support what we have going on, it may be that they just are not interested in what we have going on so it is highly important that you surround yourself and add people to your circle who are interested in the same things you are.
  2. Stop Depending On Social Media – In this day and age, social media promotion is the first go to for everyone. It is easy to do, easy to reach a large amount of people at one time from all over the world, and it is also 100% free which is the main perk for any business or service owner. But the old fashion way of going from business to business and house to house self promoting yourself is not dead. I have been participating in this form of promotion for a while now and have picked up more with it this year. The responses I have received have been really good so far. Most of the residents that I speak with are highly surprised that I am apart of a younger generation yet I am still out here going from person to person to speak with them face to face about what I have to offer. Now don’t get me wrong, everyone will not want to speak with you, especially if they are busy or they have been harassed beforehand by other salesmen. Also please keep in mind that this can be very dangerous if you are not familiar with the neighborhoods you may be going into, and never step foot onto private property that has a no trespassing sign in clear view for you to see. Sometimes I even use the buddy system that was mentioned in our previous post, Find Our Girls, after building connections with others in the Facebook groups I just mentioned in #1 that I am apart of and go together to do self promotions from house to house and business to business just for safety, and to just connect with one another. You don’t have to be alone all the time to push your brand.
  3. Focus On Those Who Are Actually Showing Support – Nothing is worse than placing all of your focus on someone who does nothing for you nor your business support wise, while neglecting to acknowledging those who truly do. One way I have found that has helped when it comes to deciphering who to support and who not to is by keeping a referral list of clients that have been referred to me for services along with who referred them. Every year around Christmas, I always reward the person who has referred the most clientele to DE with a little gift just to show my appreciation. I also keep a journal of those who truly have been reposting and sharing our material the most and make sure that I build connections with them the most from attending their events, along with collaborating on different projects with them. From time to time I will go through that list and check out their websites and social media pages just to see what they have going on and spread the word for them just like they do for me. This also helps towards building my email list up more with people who actually want to know about my business and services, instead of forcing someone else to join our list who may not truly be interested in what I have to offer.
  4. Start Attending Events Related to Your Field – It is always good to attend events that are related to your field of work or service to stay focused on your business, but attending these events is even more helpful when it comes to networking and finding others who relate to what you are doing as well. Just think, while you’re attending all of these parties and other events, you could be attending an art exhibit as an artist, opening more doors for you to get your artwork out there to art collectors instead.

Please keep in mind that everyone won’t like what you are doing. It doesn’t matter how hard of a worker you may present yourself as, or how you conduct yourself on a daily basis, there will always be somebody out there who goes against the grain whether you’re being a good example or not. Take that negativity and make something positive from it. Just think, for every one person who does not support you and what you are doing, there are five more people who truly do support you and show it. Thanks for reading everyone! Happy Blogging!

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