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Becoming a business owner or an entrepreneur can be very challenging when you are first starting off. I became frustrated often when I first began Delux Designs (DE), LLC 7 years ago because I just felt like I was not receiving enough of the help I deserved from other business owners whom I would reach out to for help. Don’t get me wrong, I have a VERY great support system around me, that have been here from the very beginning, but if I reached out to someone who owned what seemed like a very productive business that had been up and running longer than mine whom I did not know personally or through a mutual friend or family member, it just seemed like they just did not want to help. I come from an area where it is taught and upheld to help out one another whether big or small. We can’t all just go about life without the help of others and the same gratitude must be given to others as well. But after a year or so of doing things on my own, I realized sometimes you just have to do things own your own. Some lessons can only be taught if you go through them yourself instead of depending on other people. Have you ever heard of the phrase or saying, “it is lonely at the top”? This phrase means that there will be times where you are going to be alone doing something that you want to pursue, and there is nothing wrong with that. In order for you to make it to the top and where you have to be in life, you have to break out of your comfort zone and go and get it for yourself. To be honest, if you are not doing this for yourself, why expect someone else to do it for you? Everything you do starts with self. Check out a couple tips from Delux Designs (DE), LLC on the importance of getting up and getting it on your own below:

  1. Stop Comparing – Once you compare what you are doing and how you are going about building your business, you are now losing and failing at your business. While being an entrepreneur, it is very important to uphold the skill of minding your own business, literally. When you focus too much on what everyone else is doing, you will not put in the right amount of focus for your own business, resulting in stagnation and failure.
  2. Practice Self-Care – Holding down your own business as a sole-proprietor can be extremely stressful and tiring. If you do not practice some form of self care on a regular, or take occasional time out for yourself, you will become burnt out very quickly. It is ok to take a vacation every now and then, or take that break from your computer to regroup and keep your mind at ease.
  3. Time Management – Making a daily, monthly and yearly schedule will help out a lot when juggling tasks and projects for your business. You may end up with a lot of things to do on various dates and times, and will need some way of keeping up with everything just along with keeping everything organized. There are many department stores that offer calendars and planners. We also recommend these black owned businesses as well who offer ways of planning correctly for a successful business:
    Tiffany Nicole Forever
    Shenita Goode
  4. Early Starts – Staying ahead is key when running your own business, and it is very true that the early bird gets the worm. The earlier you get up in the mornings and get going on your daily goals, the more you will accomplish throughout the day. Exercising in the mornings before you begin working can really help towards this as well.
  5. Don’t Wait! – Don’t wait until tomorrow to get that work done. I know we all have our times where we often tell ourselves, “I finish this tomorrow or I’ll check on that tomorrow”, which is bad. There is no guarantee that you will finish up that last little bit of work tomorrow because tomorrow is not promised to us at all. Get up and get it today!

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