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Goddess of the Sun with Adorned By Chi

Goddess of the Sun Digital Illustration created by @K_DougDE

Remember earlier this year we announced Delux Designs (DE), LLC affiliate partnership with Adorned by Chi? Well, we are back with something special in support of the growing brand & comic book series! I recently had the chance to sit down & check out Adorned by Chi’s anime comic series based on the tale of Adaeze, a painfully shy Nigerian college student who discovers she possesses goddess powers and must become a leader of others who possess their own powers to defeat a monster who is set out to destroy humanity. One of the many anime characters from the series that stuck out to me the most out of all of them is who our latest digital illustration is based on today.

Her name is Chigozie “Gogo” Okafor, she is the Goddess of the Sun. Born on March 18, her powers consist of light that can radiate heat and blinding rays from her body which work the best during the day. Gogo is Adaeze’s dorm mate at Peace University in which she studies Fashion Design and the twin sister of Kelechi.

Out of all of the characters apart of this amazing comic series, I felt the most drawn to Gogo out of all of them. I love the aspect of her being drawn to the sun more than the moon, as I’ve always loved the sun over the moon throughout my childhood. I love how she is full of energy and loves cracking jokes just like me personally, it describes me fully. Overall I love the series and so far I am a fan of Gogo the most!

Check out DE’s newest collection featuring the Goddess of the Sun digital illustration designed by @K_DougDE at our Society6 Storefront below:

Gogo! Unisex Ringer T-Shirt  

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Affiliate Spotlight – Adorned by Chi

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