Godiva Mixtape Cover

As you may remember, we highlighted a previous Mixtape Cover Design for hip hop and rap music artist Relentless a while back. If you missed it check it out here, don’t worry if you click the link it will open in a new tab in your internet browser so you won’t lose this page. For today’s post pertaining to new Graphic Designs with Delux Designs (DE), LLC we are highlighting yet another Mixtape Cover Design for Relentless for his new EP single Godiva.

Godiva Mixtape Cover Design by @K_DougDE

For this latest cover, we focused on the content of the song to match the cover in which if you can’t tell by the name, is about chocolate. We wanted the text to have a drip like feel but not too much so it looked directly like chocolate and not mud. We placed a lighter chocolate color, more of a milk chocolate, onto a darker brown background to switch things up a bit compared to how chocolate is traditionally portrayed for other design work.

More artwork is on the way for this music artist so stay tuned for that.
In the meantime, check out his new single Godiva at the links provided below and be sure to share this post on your social media feeds.

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