All graphic design orders created by Delux Designs (DE), LLC are subject to promotions by DE at any time through our social media channels and our website. Delux Designs (DE), LLC will place their logo on all graphic work in some way shape or form but logo and apparel. The logo will be small or tuned down so it will not distract attention from the main material. These logos should not be taken off for any reason & WILL be placed on artwork due to accreditation and copyright purposes.



  • All graphic design requests must be sent to Delux Designs (DE), LLC either via email or through our online order form provided here. We do not accept design orders via phone, text message, nor social media/networking messaging.


  • Proofs with watermarks are always provided wit graphic design servic.
  • When designs need corrections, additions, subtractions, or modifications these are completely free, there will be no extra charge for this particular step unless there is a need for a completely new design.
  • An additional charge of $10 USD is applied if modifications of the design is needed after 30 days
  • Delux Designs (DE), LLC does not tamper with any other artist’s work by any means necessary.


  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required for any graphic design orders over $50 USD.
  • Proof or designs with watermarks should never be promoted, posted or advertised online at any time.
  • All transactions are done either via PayPal or through Cash App by Square.
  • Checks are not accepted as a payment method for graphic designs.

Delux Designs (DE), LLC does not offer refunds of any kind for any graphic design services.