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What is a VA, or Virtual Assistant?

  • Virtual Assistant – Someone who is able to assist you and your business/service virtually; an independent contractor outsourced to take care of tasks for business and service owners; not usually a full-time employee or worker; work remotely on their own time schedule sometimes for one than one client at a time.

If you are up on times right now, you may have noticed that there are a lot more entrepreneurs roaming around, following big dreams than there have ever been in history. A majority of this boom in entrepreneurship is due to the technology advances taking place all over the world daily. You may also notice a lot more of those work from home positions popping up as well during this time period. According to our affiliate Horkey Handbook, there are three different reasons for this: 1) It’s Not You, It’s Me Notion where the company you may have been working for lets you go for various reasons including downsizing or outsourcing your job position, your previous job closed their doors, the company you were working for has moved somewhere else, or the company you were once an employee of is being bought out by their competitor; 2) You believe in being your own career manager rather than depending on another company; 3) You would rather an entrepreneurship mindset as a millennial. With this increase worldwide in virtual working environments, there are more and more business owners who may need help with the behind the scenes things needed to keep their services running smoothly.

The first type of virtual assistant you should always consider is a graphic designer, web designer, or someone with knowledge of visuals online for businesses. This person or company should be there to assist you in creating the look of your service to keep existing clients and to attract new clientele to your site. You’re probably thinking right now Yes! This is definitely something I need! I could be focused on other things while my virtually assistant designer is creating the graphics for launch day and I wouldn’t have to move a muscle to do it….other than typing directions for my designer to go by on my keyboard!”

Well ……

Why not start by hiring us …. Delux Designs (DE), LLC?
We have been creating freelance design work for the public since December 21, 2010, over six years now for an array of clientele in over ten different states apart of the United States, including parts of Jamaica. Just ask yourself have you slacked off with your visuals for your website due to lack of time and commitment to other obligations, are you having a hard time figuring out which designs work best for your site, is your business or service being to grow in other areas and you would like to put a professional touch on your visuals for potential new clientele, or do you have too many personal obligations in life in which you just do not have the time or patience to put into your business or service’s image? If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, then you need DE as your very own visuals virtual assistant today!


What sets DE apart from competition are three different beliefs we have as a small business and service to the public:

  1. Our Pricing Scale – By hiring DE as your very own visual virtual assistant, you would be receiving some of the most affordable visual design work in the Southeast. We believe in producing design work of high quality but at cheaper cost for you so you’re able to get more for your money.
  2. Convenience – Everything with DE is technology based including all communication and projects. Our primary method of communication is through email making placing orders simple and credible. This is easier for you, the business owner, to be able to see what you’re getting and to also have a record of all communication  between both parties. This is also great for us, as we can go back and forth while designing, double checking information to make sure we have your design work to your liking and 100% accurate to what you have requested.
  3. Free Marketing – With each design service from DE, we also provide expense free promotions for your service or business through blog posts highlighting your design work, along with social media posts for our followers to take part in your business or service.
  4. No Hourly Rate – We do not believe in the whole idea of charging by the hour, nor working per hour. Our whole motto feeds off of us being as convenient and straight forward as possible when it comes to charging. All VA costs are flat fee rates.

Ok, so how much does it cost…..

Hiring Delux Designs (DE), LLC as your very own Virtual Assistant (VA) has no set in stone price. Honestly, no particular type of VA has a set in stone price for their services and business. All VA pricing scales vary depending on what you need as a business or service from DE. No two set clients have the same price set for VA services from DE. All prices are catered toward each client’s needs. As stated by Gina Horkey of Horkey Handbook, “every project is different, and every client is different“.

Virtual Assistant Services offered by DE include:

  • Graphic Design Services
  • Event Promotions
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Brand Promotions

Sound like a great deal? Ready to get started?

Fill out the form below to get started today!

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