How Facebook Groups are Helping Creatives

Facebook Groups are the new wave right now for support through the social media platform we know as Facebook. I did not personally begin to take part in Facebook Groups too much like that until around 2016-2017. In the beginning I thought all the Facebook Groups were the same and produced the same content but there is a science and difference between each group type.

  • Engagement Groups – These are my favorite kind of Facebook Groups. An engagement group is where promotional threads are posted on a regular basis in order for you to leave comments with your product links, business links, event links and anything else you may have going on. These are the best type of groups if you are looking to sell to a new audience, or if you are looking for more traffic for your posts plus networking.
  • Support Groups – These type of groups are more about showing support to each other on a regular basis. They often time prohibit promoting to keep more focus on showing love and supporting one another with business tips and advice, or they’ll be limited to a specific day. These are great if you are looking for a mentor or just a friend to bounce ideas and projects off of. Also great for finding partners, investors and collaborators.
  • Art Groups – Art groups are just what they are called, groups that focus on art. In these particular groups you will find anything from artists promoting their projects and events, to opportunities for collaborations and projects.
  • Buy and Sell Groups – These are groups where merchandise or products are sold directly. There is much engagement and networking here, just a pure purpose of selling items.
  • Discussion Groups – These are groups where you have a topic to discuss with other group members. Most of the time these are big when it comes to fashion, product reviews, television/movies, and even with music.

We have come across a couple great Facebook Groups that have been a big help towards our success as freelancers and artists at this point. Lets take a look at which Facebook Groups we would recommend all creatives join today in order to build more and better relationships with others, and for more chances of big collaborations with other creatives around the world this year.

  1. Blogging with DE
    Blogging With DE
    – This is Delux Designs (DE), LLC very own Engagement Facebook Group. A great asset to have access to when it comes to promotional threads and posts daily. What we do in this group is post different themed threads everyday. For example, today is Friday so in our group we have a Facebook Friday thread going where anyone can post anything pertaining to their Facebook pages, groups, posts and anything else they would like for others to recognize or take part in. We give everyone a space where they can promote and engage freely without being forced to post at a certain time of the day or being forced to interact with a certain amount of others that others do not want to interact with or have nothing in common with for an interaction. For each thread, you can post as many comments with links to your sites and anything else you have going on. The only rule for the group is to follow the rules of each thread provided daily. Each day we have about two promotional threads that are published on a regular basis but we will be adding additional threads in the near future to give a variety for everyone to participate. Check it out and join here
  2. Bloggers Traffic Community – This one is not a group on Facebook but we felt it deserved some recognition here as a group to join as a creative. I personally came across this particular engagement group through Facebook from a fellow virtual friend. It is a little different from your typical groups on Facebook, and operates a little differently from others but once you get the hang of how they operate, it becomes a huge asset to bringing more traffic to your websites and blogs on a daily basis. We would consider this a whole new separate social networking website to be honest. They include chat rooms for creatives, bloggers and business owners, along with engagement threads by theme everyday of the week, sometimes twice a day. Check it out and join here.
  3. No photo description available.
    Black Girls Who Paint – This art group is for black women whom are painters. With DE being female and black owned, we absolutely love this group! I have personally made so many friends from this group that I now take part in collaborations with. I have been accepted into a number of different art showcases as well from simply just posting in this particular group. In fact, DE’s founder and head designer @K_DougDE has been interviewed by BGWP in the past, you can check it out here. This year, BGWP recently began engagement prompts which is cool to provide us all with a way of creating consistently based on the theme of the day, but you are pretty much free to post away here as long as it is art related in some way specifically to painting.
    Check it out and join here.
  4. New Bloggers Starting Profitable Blogs with HerPaperRoute – This group is a great group for both engagement threads and support. I came across it after DE was accepted as an affiliate partner for Minimal CapsuleEver since we joined, we have connected with many different business owners from all over the world in this particular group. Check it out and join here.
  5. Healthy Dash of Social – This particular group we would say is more of an engagement group than support but there are some ways of collaborating here many different people. If anything this particular group has helped us towards building our following on Instagram more than any other site. Check it out and join here.
  6. DeluxHair Sign
    DeluxHair – This isn’t so much of a group for artists but it is a group for creatives apart of the hair, skin and cosmetology industry. DeluxHair Facebook Group is from our sister site DeluxHair in which engagement threads are done daily centered around hair, nails, makeup and overall beauty for women of color. Check it out and join here.
  7. DE at Target – This is an example of the buyer and seller group mentioned above. Here Delux Designs (DE), LLC provides discounts and seasonal sale links for all Target products, merchandise and services. Check it out and join here.
  8. DeluxEdition – This would be a discussion group under Delux Designs (DE), LLC. We discuss television shows, series and movies. Check it out and join here

Do you have a favorite Facebook Group for engagement or support?
Do you have your own engagement and Facebook groups that you run yourself? Leave links to your favorites or your own groups for us to join in the comment section below.

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16 thoughts on “How Facebook Groups are Helping Creatives

  1. Great information! I’m personally part of several of the groups you mentioned and am excited to check out some others I’ve never heard of. Groups are great way to get connected, share your ideas, and discover new information.

  2. I didn’t know there was such a huge variety of FB groups for different uses. I’ll definitely look into some of these to help me grow my blog! Thanks!

  3. Loved the article. I have couple of groups that I post regularly but no engagements. Its frustrating when people do not interact.

    1. Once you have it up and running, come back to this post and comment with the link so we can join. Thanks for reading!

  4. I think it’s really cool how you broke down Facebook groups the way you did. Some of my favorite discussion groups are various local natural moms groups, but one of my favorite engagement groups is also Healthy Dash of Social. 🙂

  5. Facebook groups have been really helpful to my personal blogging journey. Some of the engagement and support groups are probably the best place for a new blogger to generate traffic, comments, as well as social shares. Very useful post. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I am so glad I found your post I was looking to join new groups and this is really helpful. I myself have found good movement on my blog through facebook groups and been able to increase my network.

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