How to Create a Virtual Assistant Contract with Jade & Oak

Virtual Assistants (VA) is a hot job market right now.
With the internet and technology making major breakthroughs business owners are looking for the most convenient ways to capitalize off of the world wide web while saving time overall. One main way of doing this is through VA’s. Having a remote virtual assistant has its perks but to make sure you as a virtual assistant are taken care of it is highly important that you develop your very own Virtual Assistant Contract.

Virtual Assistant Contracts are put into place to detail what all work will be performed, along with the duties and responsibilities of each party involved. This prevents misunderstandings and miscommunication while working remotely.
Check out what needs to be included in each contract below:

  1. Description of Work Needed
  2. Timeframe of the business relationship
  3. Payment Information
  4. Cancellation and Termination Details
  5. General terms on confidentiality and warranty

Our affiliate partner Jade&Oak have set up a very good template for you to use as a Virtual Assistant for all of your contract needs. Lucky for you, today you will receive a discount on this very same contract of $25 USD off by clicking here.
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