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I am asked constantly how do I make money online without leaving my bed? This question to me has become a norm due to the convenience of technology right now. I have been making money online for a while now. Eight years in total and I never had to leave my bed in order to do it. It is such a great feeling knowing that I can wake up everyday, shower and eat from home, all while working full time from the comforts of my laptop daily. I don’t have to deal with traffic, bad weather or customers directly at all.

Well what’s my secret?

It’s simple. I learned about passive income early on in my entrepreneurship journey. This type of income was introduced to me by a good friend back during the senior year of my high school career 8 years ago. Another thing I learned about early on was the idea of being a virtual assistant. I found a product that was worth selling to an audience who needed it that could easily be done through the internet. Most people think they can sell anything online and that’s not totally true. You must have a product available for sell that is either made by you or another credible company or brand that people actually want and buy on a consistent basis. Without that secret sauce (a product that is selling) you’re not going to get many sales. With my product choice, I tied them into an online service for other businesses to benefit from, assisting in things that a busy business owner would not have the time to do or doesn’t have the skills to complete themselves.

How do you find out which product is good for you to sell online?

Again, it’s simple. Sell something that makes you happy but you also know someone else needs. If you enjoy creating hair wigs you’re good at it and you know someone else needs it, for example, this would be your product to sell online. It is always best to indulge in something that you enjoy versus something that you think is enjoyable. For example, if you don’t enjoy selling vacuum cleaners online, then this is not the right product for you.

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One great resource that I always use to keep me straight on my online selling would be Horkey Handbook. The name is pretty self explanatory, but it’s simply an online handbook that helps me with all sorts of online selling techniques. The site even provides templates for me to go by when advertising online.

Learn how you can become a Virtual Assistant just like I did with our affiliate Horkey Handbook today by clicking the image above!

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  1. This is right up my alley! I need to figure out how to get more of my products selling. I currently have a 9-5pm where I get to work from home and I have a small business where I perform business writing services!

    Thank for the information.

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