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Over the last couple of months, popular social media platforms including Instagram and Youtube just to name a few, have changed the way users can benefit from their sites. This has hurt many bloggers, influencers and small business owners for the first quarter of 2018. Luckily, our affiliate partner House of Brazen has provided some tips on how you can still benefit from each platform even with the immediate changes made to the social networking world this year.

  1. Pick one or two platforms to focus on. In the beginning, I would use all social media pages at the same time. Somedays this worked, but most of the time it was counter productive. When I began to really study my blog and take it more serious by investing my time into learning better techniques from other bloggers like Elise McDowell from House of Brazen, I began to cut back on which sites I used by focusing more on the sites I used most by focusing solely on maybe one or two of them and then moving on to others once my goals were reached for each.

    Remember, productivity is always better than just being extremely busy.

    – House of Brazen

  2. Take advantage of automation. I have used automation tools before, Hootsuite, but have not taken part in it fully. For me personally, I like to be in full control of what is posted through any social media channels for DE so the automated services have not worked out the best for my own social media promotion strategies. In my personal opinion, automated websites and services do not provide that human like touch to each post and article that I often like the most. This has actually hurt my sales in the first year of blogging, but not all automation methods have been bad for me as a blogger. There are more than one tool online that can help you with posting to social media sites regularly. A couple suggested apps from House of Brazen include Buffer, Boardbooster, and Later. If you are a wordpress blogger, I would recommend taking advantage of the automated scheduled posts feature. It has been a huge help for me with making sure I get posts published in a timely manner, along with keeping everything rolling while I travel from time to time.
  3. Schedule all posts. Scheduling is big for me. Really organization so scheduling blog posts has been a breeze so far. The key is to take the time to schedule your posts in order to boost your sales weekly. People are typically online during certain times of the day, mainly in the mornings and early afternoons along with on certain days of the week as well. Your traffic flow throughout your website will vary depending on your location, time zone and who is following your social media pages.

Check out the video provided by our affiliate partner House of Brazen below with more information on additional ways you can use social media for your business.

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