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Improving Your Site Content
So recently, I have been having trouble with keeping up with daily posts on the site. Not so much as to what content to share and what type of posts to share, but more so with my own scheduling and exact amounts of how many posts I would like to do per day or per week. In order for me to find a solution to this problem, I set out to find a better way of making sure I am writing enough on my website by visiting The Bronze Hustle. This particular site is my go to site for improvement tips for my website, social media marketing, and some life tips for me personally as well.

Oprah Shocked

One thing that has helped since I began my search for solutions, is the Content Marketing Blueprint from TBH brand new Action Shop! Now let me just give a little background on the Action Shop, so you’ll know exactly what it is. The Bronze Hustle’s Action Shop is a “one-stop shop” for millennial women to get their girl boss needs and education through affordable digital downloads. Action Shop was created to accelerate anyone’s growth this year and get anyone just starting off in the blogging world over that “newbie” hump. This is a digital download shop complement to The Bronze Hustle. Basically a one-stop download shop for women entrepreneurs who are looking to grow, who are serial learners and who want to create irresistible brands without breaking the bank. Very affordable content that is easy to use.

What the Content Marketing Blueprint does is help you generate new ideas for your blog or website. This is also a great tool to use for social media content and keeping your followers or subscribers connected with your brand.

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Now, I am not going to give away all the good details and tea from TBH, but I will share my success I have had with the new blueprint created this year. With my busy schedule and of course with me having to create graphic designs that may or may not take up a lot of time of my behalf, along with working my own 9-5 job full time, I am sometimes not able to post any content for hours at a time. Most of the content that needs to be posted, would be very similar to each other and some would be completely different and on a completely different schedule from one another. One main way that I have learned how to manage this better and provide better content is through The Bronze Hustle’s Batch Writing.

“Start shaving time off your blog writing process by batching and creating in bulk”


My Steps Towards Batch Writing

Step 1: My first step of fixing this dilemma I was in, was by hard down creating schedules for myself. I have one big dry erase board, specifically because it is easier to erase and change things that way than it is with a chalk board. Also it saves on paper when moving from month to month, great option for my recycling readers. For organizing each post for each day, or each post topic for each week, I ended up purchasing a variety of colored dry erase markers for easier differentiation among everything.

Step 2: I put myself on a Sunday schedule for all post planning. This helped shape out my entire week’s line up of different posts for everyone to read. This has also ended up being my branding day for Delux Designs (DE), LLC from this point forward as well so once the next full week hits, I will not have to worry about that sort of thing and can just focus on either working my full time job or designing for clients.

Step 3: While working on the branding portion, I focus in on creating my graphics for my weekly posts in bulk. Rather than wait for each day’s topic to come up, I go ahead and knock out each day’s graphics so once it is time to post, I am all set to go. Templates were created as well, to help towards the repetition of many of our graphics. These templates or guides also help a lot towards keeping our graphics consistent, in which TBH highly recommends in the Content Marketing Blueprint. Their guide really helps towards making sure you are as consistent as possible with everything you do for and with your blog site, along with the content you are posting for others reading.

Step 4: My initial writing process has gone from me writing one post at a time, to me completely writing maybe three or more posts at one time. This is the core value of batch writing that TBH goes into more detail with in the blueprint. I have placed myself into the routine now where even if I do not plan to post that particular article at that very moment, I now take advantage of my WordPress blog publishing scheduler. I will set a time and date for the article to go live and then move on to something else that is needed to be done. I don’t have to click on anything else or do anything else, it will automatically post at the set time that I have arranged which is highly convenient for the times I need posts to go live while I am working my full time job as well, or while on vacation to keep you all updated while I am away.

Step 5: Now, I know you all have ran into the famous Click to Tweet post additions before where you click an image and the article link you are reading or enjoying is now redirected onto Twitter as a tweet for everyone to enjoy. Well I have finally found out how to do those and of course they will be implemented into all of our posts from now on. These are amazing tools for marketing and spreading the word about upcoming events coming up with your business or service. I HIGHLY recommend that you check out TBH Content Marketing Blueprint on how you can set this up for yourself on your own site as well.

Step 6: This step would consist of me improving engagements with our readers and subscribers with Call to Actions which were introduced to us here at DE through the Content Marketing Blueprint as well. Ours is a little different though from others, as we mainly incorporate art with a twist in which we call #DEArTalk. This is where we do Call For Artists instead to submit art blog articles for their very own artwork to display on our platforms for free. This leads to not only more marketing for us, but a wider audience for other artists featured to benefit from. Another way I have incorporated improving engagements with our readers is by simply being more open with myself and my own journey. Specifically this is mainly done through my very own natural hair journey titled, DeluxHair. I have been receiving some amazing feedback from this segment of our site so far.

Step 7: My last step towards improving content on our site along with better scheduling of posts encouraged by TBH’s Content Marketing Blueprint would be cross promotions. By including social media links and other hyperlinks to other content apart of our site in specific posts, this boosts marketing for us, along with content views from readers.

With everything that I have tried out so far from the Action Shop, The Content Marketing Blueprint is one that I would highly recommend any business owner who has a set blog site for their service, or even a regular website to check it out and purchase. This guideline helped me out the most out of all of the downloads I have tried so far. An amazing resource to use for improvements on your marketing and branding. I hope the steps above are something for you all to benefit from as a starter towards trying out the batch writing technique for your site, and that it is just as successful for you as it has been for me so far. The Action Shop is for go-getters and those women who are interested in pushing their brands further! The current downloads are focused on collaboration, launching new products/services or outlets, branding and clarity. You can download any mini bundles you would like but you can also purchase the bundle of all current downloads on the site and save OVER $30!

For your very own copy of this affordable guide to success, check out The Action Shop, including their brand new instagram page @TBHActionShop.

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