Instagram Bio Link Cheat Sheet for Creatives

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If you’ve been a subscriber to DE, then this post will feel familiar to our Linktr.ee Interruption Solution for Instagram post that we published back during July of 2018. We highlighted a solution for placing links in your bio on the social media platform Instagram. If you can remember as well we suggested using the service LinkFolio for Creatives. Well, we are back for another solution that involves your own website, The Instagram Bio Link Cheat Sheet: Your Guide to Adding Multiple Links to your Instagram Bio.

Our Instagram Bio Link Cheat Sheet for Creatives is very beneficial if you’re:

  1. Looking for a way to control what your Instagram audience intakes from your profile.
  2. You’re looking to drive traffic to your website. Maybe gaining some subscribers or views.
  3. You’re looking to boost sales and upsells for product lines and services you may have offered to the public.
  4. You aim to boost your brand’s familiarity on the Instagram platform for more followers and engagement.
  5. You’re looking for an easy way to swap out links on a regular like affiliate links for example.

Social media should be used as a channel to drive traffic to your own website as a Creative.

These are step by step instructions on how to set this up right now.
You don’t need anything crazy, just access to editing your own website, some design options for banners or the ability to create some for your website, and access to editing your Instagram page information.

Step 1: Create Landing Page

Create a landing page on your website specifically for Instagram visitors who click the link in your Instagram bio. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy or super complicated. Just a basic page with your logo or name at the top of the page, followed by a collection of links.

Make sure there is only one link listed per line on your landing page.
For example, if you’re wanting to place your Home, About, Shop and Contact pages of your website onto your landing page it would look like this:


For this step I would only recommend that you place your main links to the main information on your website that you would like for your Instagram audience to be exposed to. You don’t have to and I don’t recommend that you add or list every single link to everything on your website. You don’t want your landing page for Instagram users to visit to be cluttered and hard to read or understand.

Step 2: Customize

Next step is to customize your links you just placed on your landing page in step 1 so they match your brand image. Again, they don’t have to be anything super crazy or hard just make sure they’re easy to read. Readability will be highly important here because most Instagram users are using their phones to visit the link in your bio so the content listed must be mobile friendly.

How your landing page looks matters if you’re looking to maintain the attention of an Instagram follower or user who clicks the link in your bio. This can even make or break whether or not you receive a purchase from anyone who visits your website from Instagram.

If you don’t have the ability to make your own banners for your landing page, or just don’t have the time to do so, feel free to order your set from us by placing your order here. We provide very affordable digital design options and regularly work with bloggers, small business owners and entrepreneurs on brand designs.

Step 3: Update Bio Link

Last but the most important step is to update your bio link on Instagram.
Place the link for the landing page you just created on your website in your Instagram Bio by editing your profile.

And just like that you have multiple links in your Instagram bio!

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Thanks for reading today and we hope these tips help you on your journey as a creative.
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