Ivy’s Tea Co. Black/Lemon Tea Review


Coming from a small close knit town of South Carolina, it is almost a given that I am a heavy tea drinker. I like all ranges of tea from sweet to green tea, of course not everyday due to diabetes and other health risks, but a cup or two here and there never hurt anyone. Ivy’s Tea Co., based out of Washington, D.C., is a growing black female owned business that provides what they call “adult tea”. Now when I first read “adult tea” I automatically thought, ok this is a going to be some really good tea, not that amateur box mess. I was completely right. The first thing that caught my attention once I received my very own tea and honey sample was the packaging. I love a company that values its packaging when shipping products around the world. When a company has a great look that way, its like receiving a Christmas gift in the mail. Inside there were motivational cards and other information on their services along with a note from the owner, that I loved, it was very beautiful and neat.


The tea flavor that I received was the Black/Lemon Tea and the new ___ & Boujee Honey. While brewing, I fell in love with the smell of the tea. It took no time to fill my entire home. I normally drink my tea very sweet (I do not recommend anyone to do this lol) so it was refreshing to realize I didn’t have to add too much of the ___ & Boujee Honey to it in order to make it sweeter, it had a natural great taste to it. Overall, I loved it and will be purchasing more teas and sweeteners from Ivy’s Tea Co. very soon. I recommend everyone check them out, they have some really great products that would go great for any self-care needs you may have. Check out their website and begin shopping at this link: https://www.ivystea.com/

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