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We have a brand new acrylic painting apart of the DE Painting collection celebrating the beautiful music genre as we know it, Jazz music. Check out our brand new painting created by @K_DougDE titled Jazzy below!

Douglas, Keara. Jazzy. 2019. Acrylic. 12×12 inches.

Jazzy is an acrylic painting created during this year, 2019.
Used to create this piece are our favorite Anita’s Acrylic Paint from Hobby Lobby on a 12×12 inch Wrapped Canvas Board from our affiliate partner Michaels Arts and Crafts store. Used to prime the canvas is Liquitex Primer also from Michaels Arts and Crafts store. The concept of the painting stems from Jazz music itself, I wanted to depict a saxophone but of course in my own artistic way by sticking to a limited color palette of just red, metallic gold, black and hunter green. The white areas are not paint, those are areas of the canvas surface that I left showing under the paint.

Jazzy original painting is now available for purchase here.
Prints and other printed merchandise are available featuring this custom painting by visual artist @K_DougDE! Click the link below to check out what all we have available for purchase through our affiliate partner Society6!

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