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Today, we are here with a quote from artist and designer Trenita Finney from Pittsburgh that just stuck out with me earlier today. I have admired Miss Finney’s work and positive movement for some years now and would like to take the time out to highlight her beliefs on learning new things pertaining to art. I receive her email updates from time to time and she stated on her website…..

“When I learn something new, I tell the next person how to do it. That way you don’t spend ages trying to do the same thing.” – Trenita Finney

I feel as though this is very important in the art field. We spend so much time trying to do things better than the next person in more of a competition with one another, that it feels good sometimes to just show someone how to do something you’re doing. No strings attached. No hidden fees or motives. No competition missions or anything of that light, just simply wanting to help the next woman or man. I was always taught that the art field is highly competitive and that people will continuously attempt to steal your ideas from right under your nose. This has happened to me many times before in the past, but this should not hinder you and your progress of pushing forward, right along with your views and perspective of helping someone whose doing similar things as you.

It feels good, and I see it as somewhat of an honor, to know that other artists and entrepreneurs see DE as an inspiration. This should not be frowned upon because it simply shows that you are a true leader and somewhat of a trendsetter. You lead your own path and follow your own dreams to make things happen all while influencing those around you, and what is not good about that? We should all eliminate that jealousy and envy that comes along with watching someone grow in their field or position. Take the time to build connections to where you can both benefit from what you are doing. Learning from one another is the greatest thing about life, we should all teach each other better ways of doing things instead of competing every chance we receive. If you have a method that works for you, teach others your gifts and ways of doing things for themselves and their own benefit.

Check out more great quotes from Trenita Finney on her website: http://www.trenitafinney.net and her social media pages listed below! Happy blogging everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Learning New Things

  1. Couldn’t agree more with this post, and maybe I’m being biased because I’m in it (no shame). If we spent more time learning and helping each other out we all as artists and as people in general would be so much farther along! If we’re all trying to get to the same place why not get there together! Thank you again and keep pushing through, you’re making a difference to someone out there!

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