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Do you remember back during 2018 when the popular link site went down and everyone was panicking on Instagram? The outage caused a major disruptions in everyone’s ability to visit creators and influencers links in their bios through Instagram for a couple hours worldwide. This hurt many in sales for a set amount time in which they couldn’t get back. Well we posted one solution to that problem. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out click here and catch up. Don’t worry, if you click the link it will bring up the previous post in a new tab in your browser so you won’t lose this page.

Now that you’re all caught up….
Today’s post is centered around a new and second option for creatives to take advantage of when it comes to placing links in your Instagram bio.

Photography provided by LinkFolio

LinkFolio is a brand new site that allows you to place more than one link in your Instagram bio at one time. That’s right. Long gone are the days of just placing that one link in your bio, limiting your ability to showcase your creations and other multiple projects or events you have going on that you would like for your audience to see and have the ability to take part in at one time.

You are now able to set up your very own link portfolio with multiple links at one time along with more insight on other social media sites for your visitors and followers through Instagram. This site is already being used by a huge variety of different influencers and it’s a great option for creatives like yourself to showcase your work at a larger scale.

Everyone knows first impressions are everything and your presentation matters, especially if you’re a creative looking to gain continuous sales on a regular basis. With LinkFolio you have complete creative control to customize your landing page for your links on Instagram. You have the ability to add unlimited amounts of links as well.

Compared to competitors, LinkFolio also gives you the ability to see your live fan count, audience insights, automatic top social posts, featured works and a custom domain. The best thing of all it is FREE!

Create Your LinkFolio

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