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 width=Photo Provided by L.R. Jewels Handmade by LaDrena Robinson

L.R. Jewels is a jewelry business that offers many different handmade, one of a kind jewels by young and aspiring jewelry designer Ladrena Robinson. I have personally known Ladrena my entire life literally, as we are family, so I was more than happy to assist her in branding her new jewelry design business this year. For L.R. Jewels, I wanted each marketing graphic to match the feel of the jewels being offered. More sensual, calm, yet passionate, but also glamorous. Take a look at what we came up with for Ladrena and her jewelry service below!



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Print Designs

LR Jewels TY together
LR Jewels together

Photo Provided by L.R. Jewels Handmade by LaDrena Robinson

Along with graphic design branding, we also provided printing services for L.R. Jewels as well. Sometimes we print in house, and other times we out source with affiliates. It all depends on the best deal received for each client at the time, along with the timeline of when each client needs their printed materials by. For this particular printing job, we went with our affiliate Charlotte Print for some nice vertical business cards.


“My Style, My Ideas, My Designs, My Jewels and I would Love to make them yours too….Handmade Bracelets, Necklaces, and more by Ladrena Robinson!”

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