#MentalHealthMondays Are Made for Self-Care


Ever since I began taking part in more mental health awareness through our #MentalHealthMondays segment, I have increased my self care routine at the beginning of each week. This has been a great addition for me, along with creating a better balance for me to start my weeks off with. We all know that Monday’s can be the toughest days of the week for us workers and hustlers so me taking the time to pamper and treat myself every Monday night is a big help! Check out my routine below, along with the products I use towards my weekly pampering sessions:

1. Detox Bath

My detox bath are the icing of #MentalHealthMondays for me. I always add in the products shown in the picture above to each bath and always keep my detox baths to once a week, particularly to end the day on Mondays. The products I always include are my lovely lavender Epsom salt I purchased from Target, a little bit of baking soda that I purchased from Rite Aid, my lavender body oil that I purchased from TJ Maxx, bubble bath from my mommy :), and to top it off I always do a facial mask of some kind.

2. Facial Masks

My favorite facial mask are the peel off ones by 7th Heaven that I often purchase from Ulta for my weekly pampering sessions. My top favorite mask of all time though is the clay mask from Proactiv. With me going through that nasty phase of heavy acne during puberty, I became addicted to Proactiv as a whole and haven’t stopped using their products ever since. I did try out Shea Moisture’s Mud Mask this year with high hopes, but was quickly disappointed in the results after my face began to break out the very next day after I used it.

And that’s it! Yes, I know it was a short and sweet post this time. Just a little glimpse into my #MentalHealthMondays routine for you all to end your day with. If you participate in this sort of thing for relaxation, comment below and let me know you’re routine and any recommendations you may for going about these pampering sessions, or for any great products you may be using right now. Thanks for reading everyone! Have a great night!

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