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Finding ways to relieve stress are always a plus for me. I often become frustrated a lot and anxious about improving things in my life, so sometimes I have to take some time away or do an activity that takes my mind away from the stress itself. Last year, I came across a very nice lady named Danielle Ayoka on twitter (@MysticxLipstick). This woman has completely changed my life and attitude about life for the better.

Danielle is an astrologer, magic maker, and contributing writer for Essence magazine, but the main thing that attracts everyone to her, including myself, are her monthly #MysticMoonRituals. I’m no magic maker, nor healer, but I do believe in spirits and energy healers to be just as important for everyone right along with any religious practice or upbringing you may have. I can admit, I was skeptical about beginning these moon rituals, as when you hear the word ritual we automatically stereotype it with something dark, bad, and haunting like naturally through human nature. But once I completed my very first one, things began to instantly get better for me overall.


Now, I have not tried everything that Danielle has to offer on her site, but the Full Moon Rituals and New Moon Rituals are consistently done by me every month. The Full Moon rituals are done as a way for you to “release” any energy you do not want around you or apart of your life, while the New Moon Rituals are done as a way to “obtain” any energy you do want around you or apart of your life. Danielle has everything listed on her website at, but long story short, you will need a fresh journal for the New Moon Rituals and loose leaf paper for the Full Moon Rituals. Think of it like this when separating the two: New Moon Rituals are for the things you want to keep in your life, so you must record them in your journal so they’ll never leave. This journal can only be used for these intentions and nothing else. You can not go back and re-read any of the former intentions you have set and you also can not take any pages out of this particular journal as well. It is pretty much sacred. Now with the Full Moon Rituals, you only need loose leaf paper because these are things you want to get rid of from your life, including the piece of paper literally. Once the intentions are set and written down on that paper you have to burn it in order to remove them from your life literally.

I would recommend everyone to check out her website and this practice as a way to clear your mind. With everything going on in the United States and the entire world, it is important to value your mental health and complete practices that will help towards that. Give it a try and let us know what you think below in our comment section! Also follow Danielle on twitter for continuous updates and a monthly schedule of #MysticMoonRituals at @MysticxLipstick!


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