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Non-profit Sustain Charlotte has done it again with another great mural creation opportunity that I was blessed to be apart of this past weekend during the annual Open Streets event. Open Streets is where a portion of the NoDa area of Charlotte, North Carolina is blocked off to allow the public to basically roam the streets and check out vendors and organizations who’ve been allowed to set up tents and displays of their products and services. If you don’t already know, or have never visited, NoDa is like the artsy part of Charlotte. It’s the part of Charlotte where when you ride through it, you’re going to see some of the most beautiful murals on a majority of the businesses in the area. You may even see a couple houses converted into co-ops for local artists to live and work from. Very cool area!

This year, I was blessed to be able to be a helping hand for artist Osiris Rain. If you’re not familiar with this particular artist, I can almost guarantee you are familiar with his work. He is the artist who has created a majority of the bigger murals around Charlotte, North Carolina for years now. Including the ones shown in the photos I took from Open Streets 2018 below.

img_4209img_4211img_4214img_4213img_4217img_4222Image provided by @K_DougDE
Image provided by Osiris Rain

Big thank you again to Sustain Charlotte for all that they do for the community of Charlotte, North Carolina, and for allowing me multiple opportunities to take part in some great arts based programs around the city! I can’t wait for the next mural opportunities coming up this summer! Check out more mural sightings created by contemporary artist Osiris Rain below!


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