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People Meeting People Puerto Rico Event Promotional Designs

People Meeting People Puerto RicoEvent Flyer Design by @K_DougDE

Event promotional graphic design work has been a service apart of Delux Designs (DE), LLC since we began back in 2010. From event flyers, to event ticket designs and much more, we have created hundreds of promotional material for a variety of different business owners along with non-profit organizations from all over the United States. Today I want to highlight a design concept we created for an upcoming cruise tour with travel agency Aries 4 Travel.

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Event Flyer Design
People Meeting People Puerto Rico

I have always personally enjoyed creating flyer designs for events and that sort of thing. This was actually the very first design service that was ever paid for when DE began back in 2010 making it our oldest design service offered to the public. As far as this particular order and this particular client goes, we have worked with Aries 4 Travel for years. Literally since the very beginning, 8 years ago and I have enjoyed every minute of this long time business partnership.

Most people ask all the time do we use set templates to create our designs for long term clients and the answer is no unless it is requested. We believe that every event is not the same, so every event flyer should not look the same as another. For this one we did a couple things differently compared to other designs we have completed in the past.
With this design we included something called svg designs.

An SVG is a scalable vector graphic that is an XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics. These were used in this particular flyer to give a two-dimensional effect for the overall look. The svg graphics, or svg cuts, themselves for this flyer are the Puerto Rican flag shown at the top of the flyer, the lifeguard buoy shown mid-left on the flyer and the features sticker shown on the bottom right of the flyer design. Another example of these type of files being used in our design work was back when we created the Paris in Springtime Event Promotional Designs a while back. That particular flyer was filled with svg’s to where it almost looked three-dimensional than just two-dimensional.

If you’re interested in your own svg files and graphics for your own design projects, we would recommend a site called Design Bundles. They offer a variety of svg cuts for digital designs and even print designs like embroideries, scrap books and even cut outs for apparel prints. You will notice in the upcoming future that we will be using these files a lot more in our promotional material requests and with many more of our design services. They are inviting, easy on the eye, they keep designs up to date, and they make the entire design just a little more interesting overall.

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