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If you are a freelancer or artist, you already know how the changes to Instagram has made it very hard to get noticed on the social networking website right now. With the social media giant removing the chronological ordering for post uploads and changing the algorithm all together, this has shook the table when it comes to getting your artwork or art endeavors out there to your followers in the Instagram world. With this new algorithm, it has also caused some to question what they should post online in order to get noticed.


What if you…

  • Knew exactly what to post on Instagram every single day
  • Had a plan to create the content that attracts the RIGHT followers
  • Could use your Instagram posts to drive more traffic to your website, more signups on your email list, or more revenue in the BANK

Lucky for us and you today, our affiliate partner Styled Stock Society has a great way of combating this growing issue with using Instagram right now. Last year, Styled Stock Society released their Instagram Prompt Package that includes 365 different prompt suggestions for Instagram posts. This is a great package if you find yourself asking what should I post today on Instagram on a regular basis. It keeps ideas and your page content fresh, consistent, and up to date on a regular basis. With 365 prompts being available in this package, that guarantees you one prompt per day for an entire year!


Great news! If you purchase the 365 Instagram Prompts package today, the price has been discounted to just $19 USD and 100 additional prompts have been added to the package as well. That’s over 400 Instagram prompts to help you stay consistent with your posts the entire year for less than $20! You can’t beat this deal!

Already a Styled Stock Society Member?

If you’re a Styled Stock Society member, you can find the updated download in our new resource area once you’re logged into the membership site. Yes, this is included in your membership, so you’ll never have to pay additional fees!

And if you’ve already purchased the prompts from our shop, you should have received the updated download in a separate email.

PLUS: When you purchase the 365 Instagram prompts guide this month, you’ll also get a free bundle of 30 stock photos that you can use along with the captions.

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