Putting a Face with the DE Brand

Photography provided by @K_DougDE

Well, we are in 2022!
Happy New Year everyone, we hope you all had a great and wonderful holiday season for 2021.
To start off this new year, we have decided to go in another direction from our normal posts about new products, items and sales that we have going on, and begin to put a face with the DE Brand.

My name is Keara, or KD for short, and I am the owner and founder of Delux Designs (DE), LLC.

I began Delux Designs (DE), LLC on a Wednesday evening, December 21, 2010 to be exact. My decision to become an entrepreneur came about really during High School from taking an elective Entrepreneurship course. I don’t even think I signed up for it myself, I believe one of my teachers recommended it for me. But I ended up in the class every Tuesday and Thursday of the week. It wasn’t an indebt class due to the sign of the class itself. I think there were about close to 25-30 of us students packed into this tiny little computer lab of our high school, so it felt more rushed but I got the basics out of what was taught to us. I knew I wanted to work for myself full time but at that time I didn’t exactly know how.

DE itself began on a whim and a need basis more than fulfilling that dream of becoming an entrepreneur I developed during high school. My service didn’t begin all roses and balloons like you may see on Instagram or any social media channel. During the year of 2010, I graduated high school with a couple scholarships to attend the University of South Carolina – Upstate in Spartanburg, South Carolina so I that’s where I moved to by that August of 2010. I learned upfront and quickly that having enough money for everyday necessities was going to be tricky so I came up with the idea of turning my hobby of creating digital designs into some extra cash on the side of my part time 9-5 store associate position at Party City in Spartanburg, South Carolina and it just took off from there.

I learned as I went literally through trial and error. Now keep in mind back during 2010, Facebook was just now really taking off so there wasn’t much social media involvement among the public but it was enough to get my name out there in the area and build some clientele. Ever since then, I have created digital designs for over 10 states across the United States and counting. And I have also added on more services like e-courses, crafts, paintings, and much more.

I am a very laid back person. I tend to stay in more than going out but I’m always working on something constantly. I recently became a mom to a beautiful baby girl in May of 2020, so ten years later after starting my first business I took on another big role and position of raising my own child.

Photography provided by @K_DougDE

As a business owner and now mother, I have become more intentional about what I do with DE. I want to make a great impact while also being able to create freely with no restrictions. It’s crazy that a year after I founded DE, I said that I would keep the doors open and do a good job to show my daughter if I was to ever have one at that time during 2010 that you can make a living off of your own talents. That you can follow your own dreams as a black woman if you put in the work and stay dedicated to your goals.

Now I’m actually living that in reality.

Check out more of Keara Douglas work and accomplishments by visiting her DE Team page here, and follow her on Instagram @K_DougDE. Thanks for reading today! Make sure you’re subscribed to our blog for all updates on new posts and products for sale sent via email by clicking here.

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