Delux Designs (DE), LLC has been creating Website designs for various businesses, services, entrepreneurs and organizations across the country for over 10 years. We intend to provide unique, made to order designs that represent your company and establishments well along with catching the public’s attention fully at an affordable cost.

Website and Webpage Designs created by Delux Designs (DE), LLC


  1. You must have a domain name of your own already established.
  2. You must choose your own platform for your site (Squarespace, WordPress, Wix, etc.) and be willing to share your login information for us to have access to upload your designs.
  3. The 4 pages for a full website include the home page, contact page, main content page and a testimonial page. Any other pages over four is an additional $25 USD per page.
  4. Designs include a set color scheme for your site, font selections, all background designs, all banner designs, all icon designs, all image square designs, and all button designs.
  5. Logo Designs are not included in Website Design orders.

Delux Designs (DE) Contact Form

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Complete the form provided below so we can chat more about what you have in mind for your website design. Feel free to email us at with any additional questions or concerns you may have.

Disclaimer: Any log on information provided for your design order will always be kept confidential between you (the client) and Delux Designs (DE), LLC (the designer). We only do website designs, not website developments nor website coding. You must be able to run your own website. Once we complete the design of your site, we do not continue running and operating your website or business for you, we are just the designers of your site. The Delux Designs (DE), LLC logo or button will be placed onto your website to give us credit for creating your design, it should not be removed.

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