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South Carolina Primary Election time is on the way!

As you all may remember if you’ve been a subscriber for the last year or so, Delux Designs (DE), LLC is now a partner for the official National Voter’s Registration organization. With our partnership, we have had the opportunity to register over 200 applicants for voter’s registration cards since our partnership took affect back in September of 2017! This is a huge impact so far and we intend to make an even bigger impact when it comes to getting our readers and subscribers easier ways to register to vote this year, especially for these upcoming primary elections that are taking place right now across the United States.

The South Carolina Primary Election is scheduled for June 12th this year and the registration deadline is Monday (May 14th). Before you head to the polls, you need to make sure you’re registered to vote at your current address.

Our affiliate The Official National Voter’s Registration organization has set up a quick and easy way for you to register to vote from the comfort of your home online at the link listed below:

Register to Vote

If you haven’t registered to vote yet, or if you will be a first time voter, click the link provided above to register directly from our blog site today!
Deadline for voter registration is May 14, 2018!

Join the fun!

If you have decided to register today through DE, either post a picture on Instagram with proof that you’ve registered and tag us (@deluxds) in it for a repost. Or you can comment below with “I’m in!” in our comment section to confirm you’re all registered and ready to hit the polls in June!

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