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Having great photos and images is essential for blogging, but of course not everyone is a professional photographer and not everyone can afford professional photography services. Sometimes this becomes a burden on bloggers who want to showcase their content in a welcoming manner for visitors daily online but don’t have the time, resources or funding to do so.

One great way you can get around learning how to photograph, and even the high cost of professional photoshoots, is by using stock photos. My first encounter with stock photos was back when I was still in middle school during the Myspace Era. These were pictures we would all share and use for fun on our Myspace webpages. Some of which, we even used as reference and background photos for the beginning stages of our designing careers. Little did I know, I would still be using them to this day for my own blog site.


I have come across quite a few stock photo websites, or websites that offer stock photo resources including one of our affiliate partner’s Creative Market, but they all aren’t quite like our newest partner Pixistock. 

Pixistock is founded and operated by a young African American female entrepreneur by the name of Alicia Powell. Alicia provides brand photography for female entrepreneurs to beautify their websites and blogs. I was first introduced to her content while networking in a Facebook Group last month. Since then, we have begun our partnership as mentioned before, in which we intend to keep you informed on her many options for professional photography at an affordable cost for your own blogging content. Check out the current stock photo collection from Alicia Powell of Pixistock by clicking the link below! Enjoy!

Stock Photo Collection

Join the Pixistock photo membership and get access to over 1,000 chic, feminine stock photos and graphics instantly!

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