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Today, we would like to provide more information on an income opportunity for those who are active on a daily basis. I have personally been benefiting from an app called Sweatcoin for about two years now. This not a full blown job opportunity like a traditional 9-5, not even a part time source of income. This is more of one of those additional income sources you can have literally in your back pocket to build while you are working those traditional work positions, running errands daily, or even while you are working out physically.

What is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin is an app that tracks your footsteps literally.
While it tracks your footsteps, it converts those steps into coins, or money, for you to use on anything that you would like to purchase. I know it sounds just too easy and good to be true. I said the same thing when I came across the app, but I was fooled myself once I downloaded it for myself and begin using it on a regular basis.

How does Sweatcoin work?

There are some steps to take in order to begin using the app & begin making money right now:

  1. Download Sweatcoin to your phone by clicking here
  2. Create your Sweatcoin profile and register with your email
  3. Keep your app open at all times
  4. Begin walking

Once you have downloaded the app, make sure that you keep the app open at all times. Most of us close all apps once we are done using them on our phones daily but this is not one you should close at all. Keep it up and running in the background on your phone as that is the only way it will continue to work for you. If you do end up closing the app, it will give you an alert letting you know so you an reopen and continue using it. Once you create your profile you will have to agree to the app tracking your steps and knowing your location. I have not had any issues with data being used in any malicious ways while using the app so far for the last two years. I 100% trust it so far with keeping my data and myself safe. Once you have agreed to sharing your information, the next step is the easy part….just walk. There is one catch with walking however. You must walk in areas outside of your home. This is why it asks to know your location. The app does not track footsteps inside any residential areas or homes, just areas outside and in public areas only. Their motto and goal is to get you active outside of the house, ultimately promoting physical activity and paying you for it at the same time.

Have you tried the app? How did you like it or dislike it? Leave your thoughts and comments about Sweatcoin in the comment section below!

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