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Vote DE for the FedEx Small Business Grant Award!

As you all know, Delux Designs (DE), LLC is now underway with the beginning stages of of opening up our first physical location #DEARTgallery right now! If you are looking to support and help us out with our art endeavors in the community, click below and vote for Delux Designs (DE), LLC as the FedEx…… Continue reading Vote DE for the FedEx Small Business Grant Award!

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#DEArTour – Studio E Gallery

Photography Provided By @K_DougDE For one of my very first stops on the #DEArTour yeas ago during 2014 when I visited the Palm Beach Gardens┬áStudio E Gallery of Florida. This exciting fine arts gallery is tucked away surrounded by beautiful palm trees, the most amazing golf courses of the nation and some really cool exotic…… Continue reading #DEArTour – Studio E Gallery

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#DEArTour – 17 Art Galleries To Visit in the Southeast

A while back, I set out to visit as many art galleries as possible. No real goal. No real amount of galleries. Just interesting places that inspired me to create my own artwork. Check out some of the galleries I have visited so far from the year of 2014 to right now in 2017 including…… Continue reading #DEArTour – 17 Art Galleries To Visit in the Southeast


#DEArTour – Friends Fine Art Auction

Photography provided by @K_DougDE A couple years ago, I began visiting many art galleries that it soon became a small hobby of mine to visit art galleries in places that I had never attended before. I draw most of my inspiration from how I feel at the time, music, current societal problems or issues going…… Continue reading #DEArTour – Friends Fine Art Auction