Holiday Commissions Are Open!

Looking for a unique and creative gift for your family and friends this upcoming Christmas season? DE Commission paintings are now open! Commissions are custom paintings created by hand from DE upon request. These are not like our regular paintings that we already have on hand and pre-painted before purchase. Commissions are done to for…… Continue reading Holiday Commissions Are Open!

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Graphic Design Specials for Summer 2017!

Summer graphic design specials for 2017 are here! Every year around this time, we drop our prices for graphic design services of our choice, along with custom painting commissions and unique wood craft orders . Check out which services have been selected this summer below: Event Flyers: $35 $25 Mixtape Covers: 10% Off Business Cards:…… Continue reading Graphic Design Specials for Summer 2017!

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#The100DayProject – Day 9-10

Hello everyone! We are now at Day 10 of #the100dayproject! One piece has already sold, listed below are the remaining artwork pieces that is available for purchase: Keisha (SOLD) Trippy Grandma (Paypal Only) Jodeci Music Block Lily (Paypal Only) Hands Up, Don’t Shoot (Prints Only) SC Flood (Prints Only) The People Say Guilty (Prints Only)…… Continue reading #The100DayProject – Day 9-10