#DEBlackHistory – 365 Days of Diversity

#DEBlackHistory art series will continue! Originally we planned to only limit it to the month of February 2018 in celebration of February being Black History Month, but of course things change along the way. That’s life. No worries. By the end of this year, we will have at least 28 art pieces in correspondence to…… Continue reading #DEBlackHistory – 365 Days of Diversity


#DEBlackHistory – Black Art & Culture

Image provided by Giphy Day 10 of #DEBlackHistory is about art and culture. For today’s theme we are highlighting painter and muralist Hale Woodruff. Image provided by Diverse Art for Kids Hale Woodruff is the biggest influence to 20th century American Art for African American artists. Woodruff is known for his beautiful mural designs created…… Continue reading #DEBlackHistory – Black Art & Culture


#DEBlackHistory – Black Money

Photography provided by Giphy Today’s topic for #DEBlackHistory is money. Our historical African American figure of choice for today’s topic is Oprah Winfrey. She is one of the richest and most wealthiest black women of our time right now. Most may remember her from the movie The Color Purple, and some may remember her when she had…… Continue reading #DEBlackHistory – Black Money


#DEBlackHistory – Black Beauty

Photography provided by Giphy Digital Illustration by @K_DougDE When I first set out to join the natural hair movement, I did not realize how much black history is attached to it. In my opinion, the natural hair movement of women of color has been the biggest civil movement ever. Started back in the 60s, there…… Continue reading #DEBlackHistory – Black Beauty


#DEBlackHistory – Black Medicine

Digital Illustration by @K_DougDE I was first introduced the book The Immortal Life of  Henrietta Lacks during high school for a summer reading project selection right before my senior year began. Me, being rebellious, wanting to rush right through that last year of high school and move on to college did not really want to take…… Continue reading #DEBlackHistory – Black Medicine


#DEBlackHistory – Black Sports

Digital Illustration by @K_DougDE The actions of Colin Kaepernick have not been any less than courageous. The former San Francisco 49ers football player risked his entire livelihood to stand firmly for something he seen as being unconstitutional and just flat out not right in society during our time period. He reminds me of another athlete…… Continue reading #DEBlackHistory – Black Sports


#DEBlackHistory – Black Faith

Photography provided by Giphy The fifth day of #DEBlackHistory topic is faith in which we are paying homage to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. King was a minister who became one of the biggest civil rights activists to play one of the biggest roles in ending the segregation of African Americans…… Continue reading #DEBlackHistory – Black Faith


#DEBlackHistory – Black Politics

Photography Provided by Giphy The fourth day of #DEBlackHistory is on the topic of politics. One of the greatest political moments I can remember from my own lifetime is the moment the United States of America witnessed the election of the very first African American president, Barrack Obama. There may be some that may not…… Continue reading #DEBlackHistory – Black Politics