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Blog Post Monday while Blogging with DE

Everyday in our newest Facebook Group, Blogging with DE, we host a specific theme thread for our readers, members and subscribers to take part in for more blog engagement or views daily. We have found by doing these threads daily, it keeps everyone informed on not only what is going on with each other’s blogs but…… Continue reading Blog Post Monday while Blogging with DE


#The100DayProject – Day 13

The thirteenth day of #The100DayProject from Delux Designs (DE) consists of a new illustration for our #DEMusicBlock collection! Check out which new music artist painting has been added below. Mixed Media Illustration by @K_DougDE This illustration was fun to create. The background is gouache watercolor paint, the image is acrylic paint and colored pencil. I chose to do a different…… Continue reading #The100DayProject – Day 13


#DEMusicBlocks – Big Krit

Image provided by Giphy Check out one of our newest #DEMusicBlocks of Mississippi music artist Big Krit! Mixed Media Painting created by @K_DougDE This is an original mixed media painting was created by @K_DougDE, with Anita’s Acrylic Paint, Reeve’s Watercolor Gouache Paint and Michael’s Artist Loft Colored Pencils. There is only one available so it is a first come, first served…… Continue reading #DEMusicBlocks – Big Krit


#DEMusicBlocks – R. Kelly Request Update

Artwork created by @K_DougDE Due to multiple requests, at least five different ones through various social media messaging, I figured I should address the requests of an R. Kelly based #DEMusicBlocks with a blog post instead of social media posts so everyone subscribed and reading will be notified at the same time. Unfortunately, due to…… Continue reading #DEMusicBlocks – R. Kelly Request Update